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"These scars prove I need to train harder."
— Argus, about his scars
Biographical information

Triple Scar


Fire Nation


Fire Nation; Water Tribe




146 AG

Physical description




Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Ninjatō

Fighting style(s)



Yang (Mother), Victor (Father), Argus (Grandfather), Nora (Half Sister), Kenshi (Half Brother)


Yang, Argus, Nora, Kenshi


Victor (One sided)

Chronological and political information

Wanderer, Hunter



Argus is a Firebender that lives in the world in Avatar Korra's time.


Argus has a mid build body. He has black hair that he keeps slicked back, he grows his hair a little past his shoulders. Argus has blue eyes that are uncommon for Firebenders; the reason is because of his father is a Waterbender with blue eyes. Argus sports chin hair. When he was 16, he accepted an Agni Kai and fought a slightly more advanced Firebender. He lost the Agni Kai and ended up with a horizontal burn scar starting from his left shoulder all the way to his the end of his right ribs. When he was 20, he was in Republic City and was burnt again by members of the Agni Kai Triad, just for being in their way of trying to escape from the Metalbending Police. He gained more scars on both his left arm and leg.

Argus wears a sleeved shirt that dons the regular dark red color of the Fire Nation. He wears black pants. He wears old Firebender soldier fingerless gauntlets, tasset, and boots. While he travels the world, he sometimes wears a dark red poncho.



Argus was the child of a Firebender named Yang and a Waterbender named Victor. Argus would be raised by his mother, due to his father leaving his mother when he was being born. He would be named after his grandfather.

Early Life/Training

Argus grew up in the Fire Nation. He was raised by his mother and grandfather. When his grandfather discovered that he could Firebend, he started his training. Argus trained under his mother and grandfather's training from the age of five. When Argus was 15, he was challenged to an Agni Kai after he accidentally dropped food on a man, when Argus was working. Argus would have not accepted it if the Firebender didn't disrespect his mother. Argus, enraged, accepted the Agni Kai that would be held at sunset, and that is how he received the scar on his chest. Argus was a natural fighter and was honed to the same skill as the old Fire Nation soldiers from the Hundred Year War.

Wandering The World

When Argus turned twenty, he decided to leave his home and wander the world. Once he said goodbye to his mother and grandfather, he left the Fire Nation and explored the world, but with a second objective to find his father. Argus spent most of his time in the Earth Kingdom. He would hunt animals and sell the fur for money. When he was 22, he was in Republic City shopping for new supplies, when members of the Agni Kai Triad came running out of a building and one of them sent fire to clear the way and Argus was caught in it and received scars on his lower left leg and his left arm.

Hunting his Father

When Argus was 24, he was in a tea shop at Ba Sing Se when he overheard a man talking about his travels with a man named Victor. Argus listened to all the stories the man told. Argus followed the man outside and questioned him about Victor and what he looked like. Argus was convinced it was his father after the man showed a picture of him and Victor. The man told him that Victor was in the Southern Water Tribe. Argus would travel to the tribe, and once there, he hunted down Victor's house. Argus would follow Victor and two others when they went on a hunting trip. When the two other people left, Argus confronted Victor, who was shocked at first, but then attacked Argus. Argus would also attack to defend himself. But it was interrupted by the two other people, a Waterbender and Earthbender, which turned out to also be Victor's children, that he had with an Earthbender named Emerald, and Argus's half siblings.


Argus is a determined young man, but can be enraged easily if something happened to something or someone close to him.



Melee: While in melee, he will use fire in his punches and kicks to cause extra damage to his opponent. When he uses his Ninjato, he channels his Firebending down the blade and can shoot the flames off the blade.

Basic: Argus is a master in the basic forms of Firebending, but he mainly uses flame jabs, streams, lashes, rings and arcs, and daggers. He can also use flame redirection and can block fire.

Advance: Argus has mastered a few advanced Firebending moves such as fire augmentation, intertwined fire stream, jet propulsion to a certain extent, lighting generation and redirection.

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