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Arein Rohan
Biographical information

Arein Qatil, The Red Wind, The Hollow Blade


Air Nomad, Clan Rohan

Birth place

Republic City

Physical description






Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air, Shurikens

Bending style(s)

Airbending, Waterbending

Chronological and political information

Avatar, Assassin


Air Nation, Clan Qatil


Esl Qatil, Lirin

"'Ghosts of the Pasts are my thoughts and Sleights of Hand are my actions"
— Arein relating that he feels responsible for the actions of his past lives.

Arein Rohan is the Avatar after Lirin. Born into a world thrown into chaos after the assassination of Lirin, Arein has a great war he must work to end.


Arein was born to a Rohan woman who was visiting Air Temple Island when Avatar Lirin died. His birth was an early indicator for his status in the advanced world he lived in, but his status was kept a secret in order to keep the other provinces from any hasty actions.

While many powerful masters could have taught Arein airbending, they were aware that such important individuals training a child would be noticed. Another option came when the mother revealed his father was from Clan Qatil. Instead, they made a peace with the exiled clan of Qatil for them to train the Avatar in airbending at the Eastern Air Temple.


Arein is kind and forgiving. As a person who cares about those around him, he wants to protect those he loves. At the same time, his upbringing amongst the Qatil's has taught him to eliminate threats without mercy. This is only one contradiction in Arein's life.

As a result of having visions of Lirin's very long life, Arein has progressively become more like the past Avatar. He sometimes forgets where he is or who he is. Arein has kept this a secret, fearful of what would happen if anyone knew.


  • Arein is naturally gifted in reading people. He can understand their motives and what their lies hide.
  • Arein's mother is of Rohan descent, but his father, deceased, was from the Qatil Clan.
  • Arein has visions of Lirin's life. It has become a problem for him to recall who he is sometimes as he will act more like Lirin and less like himself.
  • Arein has come to a point where he has realized the ultimate goal of the Avatar and how it ends.
  • His nicknames; Hollow Blade and Red Wind are names given to him by Clan Qatil to define his character.

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