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'Arctic Ambush' is the fifth chapter of Avatar: Bridge to Infinity by The malefic.

Chapter 5 - Arctic Ambush

Aang continued to walk across this frozen wasteland with barely enough energy to keep himself from freezing. Despite his survival after Luccaino's attack, the battle had drained him of most of his energy and cost him his faithful Sky Bison. Aang continued to walk unaware of a mysterious green glow emitting from beneath the ice, perhaps due to his weakened state he was unaware of the world around him.

What shocked Aang the most were two things: One how Luccaino could match his strength so easily. Two how easily he could be knocked out of the Avatar State. If his enemies knew this, Aang would be an easy opponent in a fight. These two factors scared the young Airbender, the power and strength he felt after defeating Ozai, it had left him and made the former Fire Lord look like an angry child.

Still Aang walked on, he needed to think about these things in a much warmer place. Meanwhile unknown to Aang, the energy beneath the ice was getting stronger by the minute.

Three Emperors Throne Room, around the same time...

Xercxes stood on a balcony with Josik as an image of Aang appeared on the portal beneath them. Xercxes' face turned to anger as he spoke.

"I should have not trusted such matters to you"

"Believe me Xercxes, Luccaino clearly surpasses Aang in strength" replied Josik.

"That may be, however your Emperors don't prove anything" said Xercxes.

"You crossed over!" declared Josik. "Is that not proof enough?!"

"Indeed, but as you know I have my special talents" Xercxes said.

"Then how do we prove it?" asked Josik.

"By using the power of the seal to it's fullest" replied Xercxes.

"But we tried that, with disastrous results..." said Josik.

"Indeed, but you lack my strength" said Xercxes.

"Who do you intend to use?" asked Josik.

"Why not one of the Avatar's victims" began Xercxes. "Why not, Kor?"

Josik shivered at that very name, that name that is never spoken in Water Tribes. He knew who Kor was, he was referred to as a literal demon by the Water Tribes. For him to cross would certainly be very dangerous, and he would have to be kept on a tight leash.

"Where shall he be crossing?" asked Josik.

"Where he died" replied Xercxes as he jumped into the air.

Xercxes' hands glew as he shot a bolt of energy into the portal beneath him, it went black and dark as cries of pain could be heard. Two glowing blue eyes shone out of it as the dark energy grew ever stronger.

"Arise, Kor" said Xercxes.

Southern Arctic, five minutes later...

Aang nearly fell as the ground shook intensely, he looked in front of him to see the ice cracking. A green light shone through as the sky turned dark.

'Kuruk! Kor has come to claim you!"

A cry of rage rang out through the arctic as Aang watched a silhouette climb out of the ice. It stood over six feet tall and wore ancient Water Tribe armour. It growled and turned towards Aang, its eyes met Aang's as it growled again.

Two jets of water shot out from beneath the ice and headed into the creature's hands. Aang watched in horror as it created a ball of pure glowing water.

"Kuruk!!" it shouted. "Kor has come to claim you!"

Aang barely had time to dodge the blast as it rocketed towards him, leaving a massive hole in the wall of ice behind him.

Kor shot towards Aang and crashed into him, Aang was still wondering why Kor was referring to him as Kuruk his past life.

Kor picked up Aang and grabbed him by the neck.

"Where is you power now Avatar!" he demanded.

"Who-Who are you!" said Aang.

"Oh so you have the nerve to forget me!" shouted Kor. "Very well, I shall remind you!"

Kor delivered a heavy punch to Aang's gut as he continued to mock the Avatar. Unknown to Aang, in Kor's eyes he was punching Kuruk not Aang. As Kor continued his onslaught a water whip shot out of nowhere and struck him in his hand causing him to drop a near-lifeless Aang.

Kor turned to find a small Water Tribe ship with Pakku and Sokka stood on the main deck.

"My god..." said Pakku in awe.

"He doesn't look that tough, let's get him!" said Sokka charging.

As Sokka charged towards Kor swinging his sword Pakku cried out for him to stop. Kor simply swatted Sokka away like a fly and turned his attention to Pakku.

"I trust you are aware of me" he said.

"I am, and I know what you are...demon" replied Pakku.

"Then I suggest you leave me to finish my revenge" said Kor.

"I cannot do that" replied Pakku.

"Then die" shouted Kor as he charged towards Pakku.

The old waterbender calmly took his stance, ready for his battle against a demon...

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