By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe and Storms of the Future Cycle continuity.
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start of time






Xerneas, Yveltal

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Team Avatar, Teen Titans

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Spirit Council (Former leader)

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A Nifrin's Discovery (One-Shot)

Arceus is the ultimate being in existence of all the franchises and former leader of the Spirit Council, passing his leadership to his trusted spirits Xerneas and Yveltal. He is probably the most powerful thing ever in any life, able to actually create life itself from scratch in order to make a plot for the franchises made by his council members. Luckily for anyone he isn't a ruthless overlord like Raviente, whom he and the rest of the council sealed away. He is very reasonable and would never really dream of wiping out an entire universal world unless there was a very good reason even he can't deny.

No one's ever sure as to how Arceus came to be. The most likely explanation is that, in some strange way, the energy of the dead space combined together in order to create Arceus at all. but no matter what the case maybe, since he was born, Arceus started on trying to make world to fill in the dead black space. as time went by he started to create the Spirit Council, made of spirits powerful enough to create universes, and add onto pre-made universes.

A Nifrin's Discovery

Time wise, his first appearance was in an Avatar fanmade universe where he finds a Nifrin named Lenet and brings her back to the Core. He appears after she wakes up and explains to her on where she is, why she's there, and since because she's a powerful sorceress, tells her on how he knew about her kind anyway. He goes off to talk to Ion about what he's been up to. He comes back later on and catches Lenet about to erase the Avatars from the Avatar franchise and tries talking her out of it. After a fight and debate, he finally tells her that he can bring her species back from the dead and promises he will, but it would take a while for him to do so and as long as Lenet promises she'll leave the Avatars alone. after agreeing, he guides her to a temporary home until he's done.

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