By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Jump City



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Slade (Father), RedX (Boyfriend)


Teen Titans, Team Avatar

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Teen Titans

First appearance

First - The Water Children PT2

Aquos is a young, strong willed water-bender and daughter of Slade whom was thrown into the Altonian world with Cyborg. She had known of the Titans for a long time and had become on apart of her own team before she was thrown into the world. Unlike the other Teen Titans, but similar to Ventus and Magmus, she was tossed in more by accident then on purpose. Her waterbending skills are pretty advanced and similar to the way Katara water bends.

Lost Arc

She first appears with Cyborg at the village Tank brought Katara and Sokka to. She gets the two men ready and starts up the match and praises Cyborg afterwards. After that she introduces herself as a water-kinetic specialist and demonstrates her skills with some water she found. But by mistake she gets too cocky while showing them a good water whip and ends up getting knocked on the ground by Katara, whom thought she was gonna hit her. But she shrugs it off, compliments her on her waterbending, and they continue to get to know each other.

She had been captured later on by Krokhotep and was taken to the queen. When Krokopathra was ordering Katara to show her strength by fighting, Aquos water whips her and volunteers to fight Katara. Their rumble lasted for a while until Jinouga shocks the fighters, ending it and sending them away.

S.F.C Arc

She was let go during the event and was watching the battles when RedX came in. She was shocked yet calm as RedX gave her a quick kiss and went to find the titans.

Aquos finds the team later that night thanks to RedX. She was grateful that they are all okay, and was happy to see Ventus too, a former teammate.

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