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Aqua Assaulters
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  • Protect the borders of the Northern Water Tribe (Original mission)
  • Take Fire Nation towns for the Firefighters (Current)

The Aqua Assaulters are an organization in Avatar: Guardian. They are a specialized squad that are part of the Firefighters and are designed to be able to take towns quickly and decisively.


The Aqua Assaulters participated in the war; their mission was stealthily guarding the outer waters of the Northern Water Tribe. They were adept at Waterbending as a group, using massive amounts of water to flood out their enemies. This was useful for them when they flooded the village of Juang Hi. The are also skilled at using water drills against larger targets like a Fire Navy ship or a massive wall.

Hunting Team Avatar

After Team Avatar freed Zhangzi Village, Mitros became infuriated at the team, and realized something must be done about the team proactively, rather than being passive. He ordered the Aqua Assaulters to attack Team Avatar as soon as they located them.

They found the team in a forest and attempted to ambush them by flooding the valley. Toph sensed the water coming and saved the team, leading to a battle against Team Avatar, during which Team Avatar escaped on Appa. After another confrontation with Aang, the Aqua Assaulters disperse; many leaving the organization, while others simply joined the main ranks of the Firefighters.



Katas is the leader of the Aqua Assaulters. He joined the group early in his life, and views it as his life's work, which he takes very seriously. He generally listens to the opinions of others he trusts, but will also reserve the final decision for himself. He is a powerful waterbender, usually controlling the majority of the water used in the attacks on towns and large targets.


  • This was the group that flooded Jang Hui, and had they been more discrete with it, Team Avatar would not have known anything about any of the faction's operations.

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