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Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe


47 (by 202 AG)


155 AG

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Hallaq, Unnuk



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Waterbending master

Aqa is a Waterbending master who helped defend the Southern Water Tribe against the Paladins and their army. He was the brother of Hallaq.


Aqa was born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe in 155 AG and exclusively trained in Waterbending. He was a young man during the Water Tribe Civil War, going on midnight raids on the Northern troops, and even protected his friend Unnuk against one of these Waterbenders, Unnuk's brother, Anataq. He was held captive in his home up until the defeat of UnaVaatu.

By 202 AG, Aqa was a waterbending master and a teacher alongside his brother Hallaq. Their teaching was halted during the South's battle against the invading Paladins, Lightbenders, and Darkbenders who emerged from Harmonic Convergence alongside the new Airbenders, and were now a great army spread throughout the five nations.

helped defend the South against the Paladins, an army of Lightbenders and Darkbenders who had grown in number and power since Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG. Hallaq, with the aid of his senior Waterbending students, were able to storm the fleet and capsize a number of ships. Freeing one of them in ice, the defeated the crew and entered the lower decks, and found Vahaan. Back in the Southern tribe, they discovered that Vahaan was an Energybender, and that each of the Paladin ships were holding up to two energybenders each. Hearing reports from Republic City and the Fire Nation of Paladin attacks, they realize that hundreds if not thousands of energybenders were being held captive, given the number of ships being reported.


Aqa was a master Waterbender.

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