By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.


The Aptonoth are large, herding reptile like animals found in the land of Altonia. They can grow to the size of cattle, and live in herds of 30-50 individuals, often being fallowed by smaller animals such as the Kelbi. These are herbivorous creatures, often eating grasses and scrubs as they travel to find fresh food.


Like many herding animals, Aptonoth are usually docile and rather flee if approached by predators. But however when cornered, they can wield their tail like a club with great effect. In a huge herd, they have no enemies but a lone Aptonoth has a risk of being hunted by predators like Velociprey, just one of their main predators.


In the herd the Ginga dogs were fallowing, there was a young Aptonoth Weed had named Koinu. But her role was very small and was killed during a Velociprey hunt.

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