By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Appa soaring
Biographical information

Air Nomads

Birth place

Southern Air Temple


Got killed during invasion on Eastern Air Temple

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Flight, horns, tail

Bending style(s)



Team Avatar


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information

Team Avatar



First appearance

Book 1: water - Book 3: fire

Appa is a large sky bison from the Southern Air Temple.

For most of the story he was mainly used as transportation by Team Avatar and not getting any big scenes except for a few.

Book 1: water

Appa first appears at the South Pole when he gets in a confrontation with Naga. Their fight went on until Korra called for Naga and things calmed down. He sees Weed and Aang and walks over to them, giving them their memory back of their time together. He happily agrees to let the others come before they flew off.

Book 2: Earth

Appa for the most part was a side character in the earth arc. His only main scene was when the group came across the spirit library. When much of the group hot there Appa was sensing a bad presence and soon forces them in to save their skin.

Book 3: Fire

Appa's only appearance was in a flashback described by Tom. When they arrived in the Eastern Air Temple, Appa got killed during a Fire Nation attack.

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