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Appa in a cave
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Southern Air Temple

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Miku, Tira, Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Gyatso, more...

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"Beginnings of Legacy"

Appa is a large sky bison owned by Aang. He is mainly present as not only transportation, but also as Aang's animal guide in some way, considering that he too was in the same timeskip issue as Aang.


Appa is a calm, easy going bison. He is clearly devoted to his master, Aang, and will remain loyal to him through thick and thin. He, however, can be rather slow sometimes, but that doesn't mean he's stupid, as he can understand what people are saying pretty well. Although calm by nature, he can become pretty agitated when things simply don't go his master's way.



Appa was born in the Southern Air Temple to a litter of 7. He was considered the runt of the litter, but was taken care of by Gyatso during his younger years. He had grown closely attached to Gyatso and had a pretty good life for a runt bison. One day though, Appa managed to escape his pen and flew off into the wild for a few days. During this, he was attacked by a mother boar-q-pine. He battled with the animal until another creature, an owl griffin, saved Appa from the animal. Appa hardly had time to thank the animal before it flew away, minutes before the Air Nomads found him again. From there, they saw the griffin too and here is where Appa found out Tira's name.

Aang meets Appa

Appa meets Aang.

A few weeks after the incident, Aang was given the opportunity to own a sky bison when he turned 8. Among most of his siblings, Appa wasn't as enthusiastic, since his siblings hogged the little Air Nomad's attention. Surprisingly though, Aang chose him and the two bonded very quickly. This is where Appa was given his name as well, not to mention a new lifelong friend and master.

Book 1: Water

Appa first appears in his pen back in the Southern Air Temple. When the Fire Nation attacked, he was trapped inside while his pen was being burned away. When Aang did managed to find him, he wasted no time in flying right out, just as the pen collapsed on itself. Appa flew off towards the sea, only to get caught in a storm. Suddenly, Appa fell in the water and in this mayhem, he was encased in the same ice orb as Aang.

After the 100 years, Appa and Aang were released by Katara, who broke the ice. He remained aside as Aang and Katara were talking, getting a "laugh" from the accidental kiss that occurred. After things were explained, he and Aang went off to an ice outcrop to rest, Appa still finding it funny about the kiss. It didn't take long though for him to realize that the Southern Water Tribe was close by and he flew right over.

Aang stopped after a bit and told Appa to stay out of sight as he explained the stuff to the chief. Appa did so until Aang called for him, telling it was okay.

Appa remained at the Southern Water Tribe village until the duel was decided, since Aang had told him to stay at the same iceberg where they discovered the tribe so he wouldn't interrupt. Appa was extremely worried for Aang, as he could hear the fight going on from where he was. After the fight occurred though, he returned to the village much happier now that Aang was okay. Appa was ready to leave and became the team's main mode of transportation as they started going to the North Pole.

As time went on, Appa was simply the transportation for Team Avatar as they travelled to the North Pole. When Sokka and Katara told Appa to hide when they heard Ty Lee coming, all Appa did was sit behind a thin tree.

Much later, when the gang was in the Cave of Two Lovers, Appa saved Sokka's life by ramming him out of the way of a cave-in, thus splitting them from Katara and Aang.

After that event, Appa became a background character, not contributing too much, though when they'd found out how close they were to the North Pole, Appa got Sokka and Katara up by splashing them in the cold seawater. Appa was the most pleased when they'd made it to the North Pole, and finally got some rest.

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