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The Story so Far

Aang, a five-year-old Air Nomad was tested by the Southern Council of Elders for something big. Now the outcome of the ceremony will be revealed and Aang meets a new friend.

7 BG

~~In the Council Chamber~~

The Southern Council of Elders stood before High Monk Pasang.

"It's Aang." Monk Gyatso informed.

"I sensed a great power inside that one." High Monk Pasang said. He closed his eyes and breathed slowly. "Monk Gyatso, take Aang to the Eastern Air Temple. I will send word to Sister Iio as once."

~~Aang's Room~~

"So, you're name's Mia?" Aang asked.

Aang and Mia, the girl Aang had seen before he entered the Council Chamber were sitting on a windowsill watching lemurs stealing Airbenders' food. They laughed when one of them tripped into a fruit cake.

"So, how old are you?" Mia asked.

"Five." Aang answered.

Knock. Aang sent a blast of air and opened the door. Gyatso was standing there. "Aang, it's time to go to the Eastern Air Temple."

"Why?" Aang asked.

"If you're visiting, the Western Air Temple is nice too. I'm from there." Mia said.

"I'm sorry Mia but we're not just visiting." Gyatso said politely. "It is time for Aang to get a Sky Bison."

"Really?" Aang asked. "Yes, I always wanted one!"

After saying good-bye to Mia, Aang and his guardian walked out to the courtyard when Monk Tashi walked up to them. "I'm sorry young one but Sister Iio has just inform us that the bison hasn't given any offspring yet."

"Aw!" Aang complained. "Well, I guess I'll have to wait. I can wait a few days."

~~6 BG~~

"A whole year!" Aang said as he put on his shirt.

"You're so lucky." Mia said. "My mom will never let me get a Sky Bison. She says that they'll make a mess."

"But you have a lemur." Aang noted.

"So, what are you going to name your bison?" Mia asked.

"I'm thinking of names but none seem to suit him or her." Aang said. "Well, I know one thing! We're gonna have lots of adventures!"

"Aang, are you ready?" Gyatso's voice rang out from behind the door.

"I'm coming." Aang said. "See you, Mia."

Aang opened the door and walked out, not noticing the love Mia had in her eyes.

~~The Eastern Air Temple~~

"So, what command are you going to give your friend?" Gyatso asked.

"I think 'yip, yip'" Aang replied.

A few hours later, Gyatso and Aang arrived at the Eastern Air Temple. A Sister walked up to them and bowed. "Welcome, Monk Gyatso and Aang. My name is Sister Iio. I have been given the honor to help you choose your sky bison. Will you follow me?"

Sister Iio led Gyatso and Aang to a courtyard where a few boys from the Northern Air Temple pointed at the sky.

"Now, now, we must be careful." Sister Iio said as someone gave her a few apples. "The mother bison was injured in a boarcupine fight."

Aang turned to see many girl giggling from a window. A sound was heard and the girls rushed off. Aang smiled and joined the other boys as Gyatso sat down. Out of the sky, a Mother Sky Bison flew toward the temple. One of her horns were broken. Six baby bisons flew around their mom until they landed on the ground.

"Choose well." Sister Iio said. "A Sky Bison is a companion for life."

Aang grabbed an apple and walked over to one bison. None of them felt right. Aang turned to see a bison following him. He held out the apple. The bison licked it right on the spot and tackled Aang to the ground.

"I guess this means we'll always be together." Aang said and laughed as the bison licked him over and over.

Aang got up as the bison sat and watched.

"Check this out!" Aang said and pulled out one of the toys he had gotten. He pulled the string and it started flying away. The bison chased after it.

"Appa, get back here." Aang yelled and stopped. He had finally chosen the bison's name without him even knowing it.

"So, you've chosen the name." Gyatso said.

"Appa." Aang said. Appa walked over to Gyatso and licked him too.

Appa walked over to his mom and licked her one last time. Aang walked over to Mother Sky Bison and said, "I'll take good care of him. I promise."


-The reason I chose a boarcupine attack for the injury was because of Appa's Lost Days.

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