Apologizing To Mai's Uncle
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Chapter 4: Apologizing to Mai's Uncle

It turns out there is someone not happy about their niece getting married to me. And that is Mai's uncle, the Boiling Rock Warden. He is still not happy with me breaking Mai's heart before, but I had done that to protect her. I didn't want her to be branded as a traitor. Still, I must apologize to her uncle.

"Zuko, my uncle isn't happy about me marrying you," Mai had told me one day.

"I know. Today, I'm going to apologize to your uncle," I said. I took a piece of paper and my ink and brush. I began writing a letter.

'To the Boiling Rock Warden,

This is Fire Lord Zuko and I would like you to come to the Palace this afternoon. Mai is here and we would both like to tell you some news. It would be an honor if you came.


Fire Lord Zuko'

I put the letter into a messenger hawk and sent it to the Boiling Rock. Within hours, the Warden had come.

"Good afternoon, Your Majesty," he greeted me coldly.

"Look, I apologize for what I had done to Mai. The reason why I had to leave her was because I was doing it for her safety and I did not want her to be branded as a traitor. I love Mai and I had been loving her since my childhood days. She also loves me. Her parents are fine with her marrying me and they have forgiven me for my mistakes. I will love her forever. So, I hope you accept my apology," I apologized. The Warden looked touched by my apology.

"I accept your apology. I understand that you did this for my niece's own good and I want what is best for her. Promise me you'll keep her happy for the rest of your days," he said.

"I promise," I said.

"I have to go now. Thank you again," The Warden said a bit more warmly.

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I hope you like this.

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