By Colonelsam Part of the Avatar: Legend of Toba continuity.
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Fire Nation


22 (In Avatar: Legend of Toba)
85 at death (In Avatar: Legend of Toba)


627 AG

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Personal information

Mazo, Mazo's wife, Lee Bei Fong, Nikira, Luko, Toba


Sea pirates, Akima

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Wife of Avatar


Team Toba

First appearance

Avatar Love

Apira is a young girl from Fire Nation and she is the wife of Avatar Toba and mother of Luko and Nikira .



Apira was born in Fire Nation capital and are daughter to an unnamed Fire Nation doctor and an unnamed Fire Nation artist. She lives with her family in big house the outskirts of the capital. Her family is rich and noble and she has been studying health care with her mother. She is the youngest child in the family and she has two older sisters and three older brothers. She went to a rich school in the capital. A young girl named Akima would tease Apira when she went to school.

Her parents introduced many young men to her that she would choose to marry. But she refused to pick any of them and she wanted to marry her true love. But her parents tried a long time but then gave them up when they had reported all the young men across the nation.

Medical training

Apira spend four years of medical training with her mother as a teacher. She use to help the hospital that her mother worked at. Her mother wanted her to become a doctor like her and work with her at the hospital with her. But Apira did not want to work at the hospital so she instead spends her time painting the art and hang out with friends

Meeting Toba

She was in town with some friends when she saw Toba walk alone past them. She turned around and he saw her and she smiled at him and she was instantly in love with him. And she walked further with her friends. Fire Lord Mazo asked her if she want to go out on a date with Toba and she wanted. They spent time in one of the nation's most beautiful parks.

Marrige with Toba

Apiras wedding with Toba was at the Royal Palace, and she invited her parents and siblings and her friends to the wedding. Her sisters were her bridesmaids and after the wedding so she danced with Toba, Mazo and her father.

Life in Fire Nation

Apira opened a spa with Toba and they had many guests including Mazo and his wife.

After five years they had them a daughter named Nikira. She spent time alone with Nikira when his husband traveled around the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom to fight sea pirates who attacked and looted the nations. One day left Toba her for a few days to spend time in the Northern Air Temple after his father died in an accident. She was then also the son whom she named Luko and she and Toba saw how their children grew up and married and had children of their own.


Apira started getting severe illness and her health got worse over time and various doctors had examined her and discovered that there was nothing they could do. And at age 85 she died after after the illness for some time, she was buried at the Eastern Air Temple.

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