By The Snowbold Part of the Myths of the Empire continuity.

Apex is an enhancer created to improve human physical traits and powers. It is highly dangerous, rare and addictive. It is also called the Bender's Drug.


Apex originates from a rare chi-enhancing tea used long ago. The Red Sun became interested in the properties of the substance and created a refined and synthesized version called 'Apex'. This blood-like fluid could be administered in several ways, including consumption, injections, or even inhaling if Apex was turned into a gas.

Under Kita's command, Apex was the spearpoint of research. Perfecting it was the job of nearly every scientist who worked for the syndicate. The events after this were classified by the Emperor's command.

After Lirin's death, a narcotic called 'Zenith' became wildly popular in the underworld. Highly addictive, it was not as strong as Apex, but it had all the same traits except a higher rate of addiction.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Apex has the ability to increase a normal human's traits by nearly a hundredfold. This includes physical strength and speed as well as bending. Such incredible strength also allows benders to access and use powers they would normally never have on their own.

Apex has as many drawbacks as advantages. For one, Apex is highly addictive in large doses, making use of it dangerous. Another is the long term effects on the body and the buildup of aggression and clinical signs of madness. Apex was shown to drive Kita mad when she was accidentally bathed in it. Overexposure is clear in the fact that eyes glow green and the person becomes hyper-aggressive.

Zenith is considered the weakest form of Apex as it is highly addictive but only a half of the enhancement that Apex has.

A noticed but unexplained observation is that Apex is at peak efficiency when used on waterbenders or earthbenders, it is fractionally stronger on these two elements over firebenders and airbenders.


  • Apex is sourced from the chi-enhancing tea Aang used in Book II of TLA.
  • Apex has varying effects for different people, but the agreed consensus is that overexposure will lead to insanity.
  • Apex is used almost unanimously by benders as most non-benders see its side-effects as far too much for the gain. As such, it is called the "Benders' Drug", while Nadir is called a nonbender's drug.
  • Apex is one of the few narcotic drugs that will be explored in Avatar fanon here in Storms.
  • Apex actually has three sub-groups of the substance: Zenith, Apsis, and Vertex.
  • Raw Apex is the most rare of the substance.
  • Vertex is a purged file under the Apex Project.

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