Fang (Spirit) By Gingalover Part of the Four Arrow Adventures continuity.
Aang in his nightmare
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Ao, formerly known as Aang in his world, is one of the three alternate selves that appeared with Avatar Aang in his world. He has the appearance of a full ninja, with a rounded hood covering his mouth. His hair is spiked upwards, and his headband red with a symbol originating from his world's version of the Fire Nation. He also has two sets of ring piercings in his ears, and his body is wrapped in steel chains.


His past made him behave much differently from his other counterparts, usually having a sort of quiet act towards others. Since he'd been on his own most of the time, he often acts on his own accord rather than listen to what others have to say. The idea of rank doesn't bother him, mostly because of his experience with royalty and those who serve them. As such, he would treat everyone usually the same way, be it a commoner or a high-ranking king or queen.


During his childhood, he kept his original name, Aang. Being born not knowing his true parents, he grew up within the care of an adopted family in the Earth Kingdom at the age of six. While growing up, his foster parents trained him in Ninjutsu, so he could protect himself once it became time for him to go off on his own. However, years after he got his new family, the Dai Li in his world found them and had his foster parents put under arrest for establishing their home too close to the royal family without their permission. As for Ao, angered, he went off and confronted the royal family, demanding the release of the only family he knew. After they refused, Ao later tried to bust them out but was caught himself. The next day, he managed to escape and became wanted—dead or alive. This forced him into hiding, and he changed his name to Ao as a cover name before leaving.

During his travels, he managed to get himself overseas, to the land of the Fire Nation, permanently escaping the Earth Kingdom's grasp. As apart of the Fire Nation, he got himself a new headband, symbolizing his alignment with that land instead of where he grew up. However, his anger to royalty was still evident, and he became notorious for defying the Fire Nation royals almost as bad as the Earth Kingdom's. It then got to the point where the royals demanded that he'd be executed for his disrespect. Upon hearing the news, Ao was again trying to avoid being captured, but that was eventually fruitless, and he was caught by a fellow ninja. Upon being brought to the king, an elder instead placed a curse on him, which gave him his chains. The chains were stuck to him and weighed him down, so he couldn't escape as easily as he used to. Despite the curse, Ao adapted to his burden of chains, and soon it didn't matter if the chains were there or not, he still was just as evasive.


  • Unlike the other Aangs, he doesn't have the signature airbending Arrow tattoos.

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