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Nomadic; temporary residence in Gao Lin




403 AG

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Crimson (dyed), Black (real)

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Lightning generation accidentally




Miko, Dover, Sedgley, Erik, Marco


The Clandestines, McKay, Diego

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Chapter 2: The Firebender

Anurna is one of the main protagonists of Avatar: Neo Revolution.


Early Life

Little is known about Anurna's childhood. It is known that she has been traveling the world for a while before meeting Dover, Sedgley and Erik. Previous to the events of the story she had passed through Chan Dai, most likely where she had a run in with McKay and Diego.

It was also revealed that Anurna had tried to generate lightning once before the events of the story, but it didn't end well - causing her to develop a fear of the technique.

Journey to Haven


Anurna at first seemed suspicious when they first met her.

Anurna met Dover and Sedgley in a Gao Lin store. She overheard them talking about the Avatar and later asked if she could join them on their quest to Haven. She has many connections over the place and managed to sneak them out of Gao Lin through a tunnel in Chapter 3, so she has proven herself helpful. Her pet squirrel-glider, Miko, was introduced to the group in Gao Lin, where it was welcomed as their token fuzzy member.

On her way to Chan Dai, Anurna met a family from the Northern Water Tribe and shared the campsite with them. After an argument with Erik and the rest of the group, she sought advice from her father, who encouraged her to prove her trustworthiness to them. When a flash blizzard brewed, she used her firebending to keep them safe and warm, regaining their trust. While in Chan Dai, she told Erik the story of Chan Dai's fall from glory and then convinced him to buy a gun for his protection. When Dover and Sedgley got themselves in trouble with the Bloody Knuckles, she aided them in escaping with the waterbending scrolls.

After leaving Chan Dai, Anurna and company entered the Maderian forest, where they were attacked by an angry bat and seperated. It was when she was by himself in the woods that Anurna had a hallucination of herself lighting bending, or actually accidently performing the technique, of which she fears. Anurna eventually heard a gunshot of which she presumed was Erik's gun and followed the sound before reuniting with Erik and Miko. When they went to go look for the others, they saw that Dover and Sedgley had been captured by Yuka and his men, and were all then taken to the chief of Maderia as prisoners along with the others. Anurna was odered to stay in the shabby outskirts of Maderia, as firebenders weren't allowed in the plant city. It was in Maderia where Chief Aran agreed to help teach Dover and Sedgley plantbending, and while the boys practiced, and Erik did a lot of sightseeing, Anurna grew bored and contemplated the events of the forest.

During a game of battleship with Anurna, a group of Clandestines attacked the city, not long before Yuka came to the city's aid. Anurna told Erik to warn the chief before helping Yuka defend the city.
Fire shield

Anurna helps defend Maderia.

Though it was unseen, Anurna had a battle with Miss Zaida, but ran away when it proved too hard to meet up with the others, and decided to flee the city safely. After a run in with Livia and witnessing Yuka's death at the hand of Miss Zaida - who was after the Avatar - Erik and the others engaged in a brief battle with her, Anurna almost being fatally injured but saved by Dover, before managing to flee the city unharmed.

When running out of firewood while camping in the forest, Anurna placed a strange weed on the fire, causing lots of smoke to bellow out. When she, Erik and Miko breathed in the smoke, they had a bizarre experience. Going for a walk, she really opened up to Erik but then got frightened when Miko suddenly screeched out of nowhere, and they sprinted back to the campsite. After packing everything up, and when Dover and Sedgley returned, they decided to leave due to the nearby Maukaizo Tribe but also due to their lingering fear. After a days' travel, they eventually exited the forest and suddenly entered the Wasteland.

When Sedgley collapsed in the Wasteland due to the poison in his bloodstream, Anurna helped Dover carry the boy while they all searched for a plant that they could make a remedy out of. When they eventually found the plant, she and Dover went into battle and won against a scorpion-snake that was guarding it. They made the potion, yet it seemed to have no effect on Sedgley's health. They continued walking for hours, finally collapsing in exhaustion and passing out before being found by men from the Hebikumo Tribe and taken to their campsite. Here, Anurna was acquainted with Sheker in her tent tent and, when Dover woke up, Sheker explained what had happened and led them into the healing hut where Sedgley was being tended to. On their way to the hut though, she found out that the dead scorpion-snake - the one they had killed - was a bad omen for the Hebikumo people. When in the hut, she watched on skeptically as Dover agreed to let Sheker thrust Sedgley into the Spirit World to help him recover his inner demons and later that night, after Sheker had warded off bad luck with her Song of the Spirits, she joined Erik and Dover as Sheker led them away from the campfire ceremony. Whilst away, and while trying to connect to their own spirituality, Erik revealed that they were responsible for killing the scorpion-snake, and Sheker told them they had to leave as soon as Sedgley was better. Later that night, much to Anurna's relief, Sedgley woke up, apparently healed.


Anurna is a trivial girl. At times she appears mysterious and distrustful, others genuine and caring - especially so when expressing what could only be described as a guttural need to aid the boys. She often brings this up, exclaiming that she never gives up on her promises - an admirable trait of hers.

Most of the time she appears a bit off-colour though. For instance, she steals (a necklace in The Firebender), somehow has contacts with undesirable people like McKay and Diego, and doesn't believe in spirits or the Spirit World, scoffing and in disbelief when Sheker said Sedgley was able to be thrust into the Spirit World.

She also spends a lot of time on her phone, which some of the others find unnerving for some reason. In Chapter 4, it was shown that she deeply relied on the advice of her father, almost living off it. She also showed signs of remorse and sadness that the boys didn't trust her, revealing the she had never had any real friends and did not want to fail them and herself. She takes her oath very seriously, stopping at nothing to keep the boys safe and get them to Haven relatively unharmed - which says something about her willpower and perseverance.

Some time during her travels she must have taken in Miko, showing a more caring side. She has never really had a home, and likes to travel, yet sometimes wonders what it would be like to settle down (with a boy not too unlike Erik) and what her father would think of that. She thinks her life is complicated, a pities as well as envies those with uncomplicated lives.

Anurna, due to some traumatic experience in the past, is afraid of lightning.



Anurna is depicted as a proficient firebender - assumed to have gained experience on her travels. She can perform various acrobatic-style techniques involving arcs, whips and streams of fire. She is capable of blocking other firebending attacks as well. An example of her prodigious firebending skills involves her channeling fire into the gunpowder of a policeman's gun, rendering it useless. She was also able to increase the flames of a torch and turn it into a whip of fire. 

In Chan Dai, she single handedly managed to break in and out of Alphonse's hideout to rescue Dover and Sedgley, using breathing techniques to focus her energy into her fire and knock down the entire gang.

Lightning Generation

Anurna, despite fearing the ability, had tried lightning generation once before the events of the story yet it didn't work very well. She aims to master the ability, despite being scared of holding such power, and accidentally generated lightning while in the forests of Maderia.


Anurna displays considerable martial arts abilities - utilising this in her firebending. Her strength and nimble poise makes her a worthy opponent in any hand-to-hand combat. She is quite strong, able to kick down doors and push a man against a wall by his neck with just one foot. 


  • 'Anurna' is an original name.
  • Anurna is the only main character with at least one parent confirmed alive. Dover and Sedgley's parents' whereabouts are unknown, the same for Erik's father and Anurna's mother.
  • She doesn't believe in praying and hence the spirits.
  • Anurna owns a mobile phone, evident of how technology has expanded.
  • The writer promises good things for this character, even if she sits in the back for a bit

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