By Waterbend.3.19 Part of the Chronicles of the Red Lotus: Zaheer continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Lower Ring


Age 28


120 AG



Physical description



Muscularly Lean


6.2 feet

Hair color

Jet Black

Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)

Swift and Evasive, Aikido

Bending style(s)

Amophous Earthbending, Crysalline Earthbending


Swordsman, Earthbender


Zaheer, K'rin


Agent Izu, Dai Li, Earth Queen Hou-Ting, Earth Kingdom army

Chronological and political information




Earth Kingdom

Anu was born to a poor family 120 AG in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se. While growing up, the Lower Ring was isolated by the Dai Li who strongly enforced the will of the Earth Queen. Should you step out of line, you could either be imprisoned or killed. While the law did loosen and create chaos in the Earth Kingdom in 171 AG, but for the time being, the Dai Li oppressed the people of the Lower Ring. When Anu grew to become a teen, which is when his father, a nonbender but prodigious swordsman, presented one of his katanas to Anu. Anu's father, Karu, had obtained an immense collection of swords, which he sold secretly to the highest bidder. He was traveling a lot to collect his money, whether it was in the Lower, Middle, or Upper Ring. However, owning swords or any weapon was illegal at the time, so his money came illegally. Karu trained Anu to be one of the greatest swordsman ever which required evasiveness, swiftness, and the art of aikido which turned an opponent's force and power against them. By the time he was sixteen, only three years from when he started training, he could defeat his father, a man who spent decades using swords, quickly and with slight ease. Karu saw his son had the chance to liberate the people of the Lower Ring, and soon the world, but when things began looking up, the Dai Li found out of Karu's work, and invaded their home. While Anu and the remainder of his family escaped, Karu was taken by the Dai Li and never seen again. Anu continued to train himself, and quickly became better than that of his father. He quickly befriended Zaheer, who also had desirable goals. He taught Zaheer to be a skilled fighter, which eventually took them beyond the walls of Ba Sing Se and down to the Southern area of the Earth Kingdom, where they hope to escape the Dai Li and be free.


Anu's family is filled with mostly nonbenders but also has a few earthbenders. Anu possesses very little earthbending ability since he is mostly nonbender blood. Because he is a very evasive and agile person, he also finds it difficult to earthbend solid earth, but he has learned to manipulate the black crystals he has discovered embedded within the mountains in the Southern Earth Kingdom. He has even integrated them into his outfit. He wears traditional green and black garbs over a tight black under-suit. He carries his katana and also uses it to block other earthbender attacks like the Dai Li's earthen gloves and shoes. Still, although his earthbending could use some work, with the help of his pet badgermole, he can increase his skills.


Anu along with his friends, Zaheer and K'rin, are fugitives of the Earth Kingdom with the Dai Li on their tail. Although they have proven themselves formidable opponents of the nation, they seem to be making more enemies. Agent Izu, the innkeeper, although a fifty year old man, is manipulative and an earthbender of rare skill. Should Anu be captured, his treason against the Earth Kingdom is punishable by death.


Anu has sparked a rebellion against the Earth Kingdom, which could constitute and act of war, and this naïve yet humorous bender is always trying to be calm about it. Watch his story unfold on Chronicles of the Red Lotus: Zaheer.

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