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Anti-bending is a type of ability some members of the S.C.P, and other people outside the group can do. this Anti-bending practice is only achieved by powerful forms of life in different franchises and universes. Anti-bending is also more varied, and is shown in different ways between the anti-benders that use it. sometimes the bending can vary just from reading minds to much more deadlier powers to the point when even touching the bender can kill.

Anti-bending can be shown in different ways too. The most common view of anti-bending is a similar form of shadow-bending, a type of bending where someone can manipulate shadows like water, or air.

Known Anti-benders



0: Anti-bender Slenderman

Slenderman himself is a master Anti-bender. He is believed to be the founder of the anti-bending order too. His bending he uses for a deadly affect on fear, teleportation, and he even uses it as tentacles to attack others with. His anti-bending makes him the most feared bender ever known.


Raven Anti-bending

1: Anti-bender Raven

Raven was one of the first in the series to show anti-bending. Her version is the most common form of Anti-bending. She often refers it as dark magic, since she gets the "spells" from her casting book. She can use her Anti-bending as telekinesis, able to lift gigantic objects easily. She also uses it as projectiles or a way of transport by creating an anti-bending disk.

Smile Dog

Smile Dog using Anti-bending

2: Anti-bender Smile Dog

Smile Dog is another Anti-bender in the Avatar: New Universe II. His version of anti-bending is actually ironic compared to himself. His type of Anti-bending is only seen once throughout the series, he is able to use this bending similar to Ty Lee using her Chi-blocking. one flash from his eyes and any bender within range will be removed of any bending for as long as Smile dog remains standing. he does this to make the Avatar gang "normal like they should be".


Ty Lee's acrobatics

3: Anti-bender Ty

Throughout much of her time, her anti-bending was used in a much more common way similar to Smile Dog, called Chi-blocking. Chi-blocking is basically a more physical use of Anti-bending, which disables use of bending for a limited time. She is able to use this thanks to her agility and evasiveness from her time as an acrobat. This is the only evidence of her anti-bending, since hers isn't used in any other way.


Anti-bender Jinx

anti-bender Jinx

Jinx from the Titans World, and leader of the H.I.V.E. Her Anti-bending is much similar to the type of Lightning-bending Azula uses, but instead it's shaded purple, and she uses this to "Cause bad luck onto others". Her name is actually associated to her anti-bending. Jinx's name is because of bad luck alone. She can use this to shield herself or control inanimate objects.

Kyd Wykkyd

Anti-bender Kyd Wykkyd

anti-bender Kyd Wykkyd

Kyd Wykkyd's anti-bending is mainly used for teleportation, like Slenderman can do. Much of these powers though only work with his cape attached, he is powerless without it. This type of anti-bending makes him also reach into objects and even glide for long distances.

Miss Decibel

Anti-bender Decibel

Anti-bender Decibel

Miss Decibel's Anti-bending is a bit more by accident. Hers is a form of hypnosis she gained during a freak accident in her childhood which allows her to control other people. Her only use of this though is after she was attacked by HoundDoom, when she blasts it at Smile dog and Ghost.


Anti-bender Umbreon

Anti-bender Umbreon

Anti-bending from Umbreon is more of projectile. Hers is mostly consistent of anti-bending spears, which she demonstrates in the use of battle. Being close to Zalgo, she was also granted a special "Zalgo stage" where her anti-bending is increased tenfold during the night of the new moon.

Creations from Anti-Bending

Tails Doll
H8 Seed

This special bending trick can even be used in creation of life itself, be it good or bad. This however can only be accomplished by very powerful Anti-benders, Like Slenderman or Smile Dog V.2, even Siya. There are many examples throughout the story as shown. Those shown here are characters ether brought to life by anti-bending or made completely out of anti-bending. Those made out of anti-bending are purely black in color with white or purple eyes.

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