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Another Decision
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Around the World (Again)



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December 22, 2011

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Previously on Around the World (Again)...

The gang has finished their training sessions and are even closer to reaching their final destination.

Another Decision

The clouds arrived. They were here. Dark clouds filled the sky as the Appa flew over the vast body of water, nearing Kyoshi Island.

Looking around, Sokka said, "The beautiful weather... I knew it wouldn't last long."

"There's a storm coming," spoke Zuko. "And a big one."

"Maybe we should stop and search for shelter," suggested Katara.

"We'll be okay," Sokka reassured her. "Kyoshi Island's not far from here."

"I don't know, guys," began an apprehensive Aang. "The clouds...there's about them."

The clouds were gray, almost black. They stirred, in a sinister way. They started to form into one giant figure.

The others looked to the sky. They gasped; even Appa roared.

In clouds, was a figure of a man, smirking evilly. The figure taunted them, it seemed. Laughed at them. Behind the man were several shapes. They took the shape of soldiers. An army.

Evil stood in front of them. Waiting for it's prey.

The clouds stirred even more.

Aang, not wanting to see any more, yelled, "Yip Yip!"

Appa sped up, leaving the army of adversaries behind.

Cheers greeted the gang as the giant bison's feet pounded on the ground. Aang waved at the crowd gathering around Appa and, in fact, even saw a man begin to foam at the mouth.

Aang was about to suggest that someone help the man, but the gang, who hadn't noticed, had already jumped off Appa. Aang was about to help the man himself, but when he saw the guy had stood up already, he followed the gang through the crowd.

An old man, hair gray, walked up to them, a friendly smile on his face.

"Oyaji," said Aang.

"Avatar Aang, how are you?" greeted Oyaji, who was the leader of the Kyoshi Island village. "What are you doing here?"

"Just visiting," replied Aang.

"Great! I take it that you want to see the Kyoshi Warriors?" Aang nodded. "I'll take you to them. Follow me."

Oyaji began to walk through the village, the gang following behind. Aang saw the statue of Avatar Kyoshi and remembered how long ago he had visited this place...and how arrogant he had been.

Oyaji lead them down a pathway to a dojo. He gestured to it. The gang knew this meant "go inside," so they did.

There were several women, wearing green armored kimonos, a fan in their hands, training. A girl with brown hair walked over to the gang, who stood at the door.

"Ty Lee, hey," said Aang rather awkwardly; he hadn't really spoken with Ty Lee before and wasn't sure what to say to her.

"Hey everyone," spoke Ty Lee in a cheerful voice. "Mai!"

"Ty Lee." They hugged.

"What are you all doing here?"

"Visiting," explained Sokka. "Plus, Suki's been wanting to see her old home for a long time now."

"Hi, girls!" Suki waved to all the Kyoshi Warriors. "It's been a while."

Oyaji walked in. "I'm going to get a feast ready. Come to back into the village at sundown."

"You don't need to do that, Oyaji." Aang shook his head.

"I insist. Well, see you all later." And with that, Oyaji left.

Aang turned to the gang. "Why don't we help Oyaji? Let's leave Suki to catch up with her friends."

The gang nodded and, with the exception of Suki (Sokka hesitated to leave. Mai was reluctant to leave after seeing her friend for the first time in a year, but decided to help out with the feast.), followed Oyaji down the path.

Suki stood there, looking at the Warriors of Kyoshi. What do I say?, she thought.

"What have you been up to, Suki?" one of the warriors asked.

"Oh, nothing much, just traveling with the gang." Nothing much. Just traveling. These words hit Suki hard. That's all I've done, she thought. Nothing. Nothing at all.

"Sounds great," said the warrior.

"Want to practice with us?" asked Ty Lee, the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors.

"Huh," spoke Suki. "Oh, um, sure. Of course."

"Great!" Ty Lee walked to the front of the room. She spoke to everyone about what they were to practice next. But Suki wasn't paying attention.


These words continued to hit her.

I've done nothing at all.

Before she could press on with her thoughts, she saw that the other warriors were already doing several moves. Thinking of why "nothing" meant so much, Suki followed the Kyoshi Warriors steps.


After a while, Suki got tired of practicing and requested to leave. She was excused and began walking. Where? Nowhere, really, she thought. She just walked around, not heading for town, not back to the dojo.

Nothing. Why do this word mean so much? Suki's mind raced.

Why? Because I'm useless. What have I ever done to the group? What have I ever contributed to? Nothing. Nothing at all.

I've always just been...there. With no purpose at all. I'm just taking up space. Nothing more than that. I'm worthless to the gang.

I'm just Sokka's girlfriend. I barely even talk to the leader, the Avatar! I only seem to talk with Sokka. No one else. I'm just extra weight that Appa has to carry.

A voice inside her head spoke. You're being too hard on yourself, Suki.

No, I'm not. I'm useless. I'm just..there. Serving no purpose.

Stop repeating this to yourself! You know that's not true!

It is!

It's not. It's a lie.

Suki began to walk fast, hoping that this would rid her head of the voice.

But it wouldn't leave her alone.

What do you want? she asked.

To keep you with the gang. They need you.

Suki shook her head. For some reason, she decided to walk to the village.

She reached the place and stumbled upon an open door leading to a large room. She could see the gang in there, helping with everything. There were villagers there, as well; they were preparing the food.

The feast was almost ready. The plates, cups, everything were set on several tables spread throughout the room. The food; that's all that was left.

Sokka turned around and saw her.

"Suki!" He walked over to her. "How was training?"

"Oh, um, great. Just wanted to get to the feast on time."

"Great! I'll lead you to your seat." Sokka walked back into the room, Suki following behind. The room was painted green. There were several paintings hung up. She remembered this place; meetings were held here. If anything was needed to be discussed, the Kysohi Warriors and several villagers would be asked to join Oyaji in the room.

Pulling out her seat, Sokka gestured to it and Suki sat.

She was the only one sitting.

Everyone else was helping.

She was just sitting here doing...


Everything was ready. Dinner was served. Everyone was seated, enjoying their meal.

It seemed the most of the villagers had turned up for the feast. The tables, all but one of which, were round, the villagers spread out throughout the room. The one table that wasn't round was the one where the gang, along with Oyaji sat.

"Do you ever stop eating?" asked Katara as Sokka stuffed his mouth with desserts.

"Hungry." Sokka gulped, followed by more desserts entering his mouth. "You gonna eat that?" Sokka asked Suki, pointing to a piece of meat on her tray.

Suki shook her head and Sokka stuffed the meat into his mouth. Suki wasn't really hungry. It was a weird; it had been quite a few hours since she had last eaten. But the thought of her being nothing but weight to carry had hit her hard. What should I do? Maybe I should what Toph did and leave the gang. I think they'd be better of that way.

But, what about Sokka? He's my boyfriend. I can't leave him, and I can't ask him to leave the group to stay with me. Suki pondered about this for a couple moments until she was tired of thinking about.

Looking for something to distract her from her dilemma, Suki listening Oyaji and Aang engaged in a conversion.

"This is great!" Aang complimented as he ate some lettuce. "Who made this?" Aang gestured to the food.

"Several villagers volunteered to cook. Who doesn't love feasts?"

"We should prepare a toast," began Sokka. "To all the villagers, especially those who created this beautiful work of art." Sokka's mouth began to water at the sight of more delicious food. He held up a chicken leg (Just...chicken.) and spoke out loud. "A toast," the others held their cups in the air. "to everyone who helped with this feast and this village for welcoming us."

Everyone clapped and cheered and, in one case, foamed at the mouth and fainted.

Sokka continued to eat while Suki continued to think.

Maybe I should stop looking to the negative side of things and think about the positives: I can help the gang with this enemy and I'll interact more with other members. That could work, right?

The feast was over. The gang headed toward Appa, who was given several fruits during the feast. Aang, Katara, and especially Sokka thanked Oyaji and the villagers. Sokka jumped on Appa's tale and spoke to Suki who stood in front of the warrior. "I'm stuffed. But, that food was AWESOME!" Since Suki didn't comment on anything, Sokka decided to move on. "Had a good day today, Suki?"

"Huh," she said. "Oh, um, yeah. Lot of fun today. Seems like you did too."

Sokka patted his belly, food stuffed in it. "Now it's time for me to say something that'll probably clear up a couple things you've had going on."


"Well, I don't know. But I applaud you. Being here on Kyoshi Island, your old home. And you don't seem tempted to stay. It's not an insult to Kyoshi Island or anything, but what I mean is, you seem to really care about us." Suki's eyes shut as Sokka continued. "Sure, you don't play the largest role in the group. Even I don't. And neither do Aang or Katara. It may seem like it, but we're one single team, made up of several small pieces. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and if we hold any importance in Team Avatar. I even went through this phase one time. But I cheered up when I met Master Piandao. He encouraged me to do great." He paused. "Maybe that's what you need."

"What?" asked a confused Suki.

"Come on, Suki. I know that's how you feel right now; unimportant, unneeded. And you're thinking about leaving us, just like Toph, right?"

Suki froze; she didn't know what to say. Sokka continued. "Well, that's your choice. And no matter what, the gang and I, we'll respect it. I'll leave you to it." Sokka was about to leave to join the others in thanking the villagers again. "Oh, and don't forget, you did save my life, as well as Toph's." And with that, he walked away.

He knew. Was it really that obvious? But it's decision time now. Should I stay and be like Zuko who returned to the gang? Or should I leave them just like Toph did?

Suki remembered everyone's expression when Zuko came back: Joy and happiness. And when Toph left, sadness, hopeless, gloom. She couldn't bear to stand seeing them that way ever again.

So what if I don't play an important role in the group? It's just like Sokka said: We're one single team, made up of several small pieces. One piece is already gone. How would it be if another one left? It would be the beginning of the end for Team Avatar. Members will want to start leaving, leaving the team to crash burn. And most of it would be my fault.

She pondered about it for a minute.

Maybe I'm overreacting. And I did save Sokka and Toph's life..... But.. As much as I love Kyoshi Island, I don't think I could ever leave the team. I'm apart of it now. I belong here. With Team Avatar.

Her mind was set. She knew her destiny: Continue on with the team and help them by any means necessary.

The gang began to walk over to Appa, jumping on him when they reached the bison. Sokka looked down at Suki, who hadn't jumped on yet.

She nodded at him, smiling. And she knew he understood. But she had one thing left to do. She turned around and headed for the Warriors of Kyoshi.

There they were. Ty Lee speaking with the others. Mai was there. She went to sit with them during the feast. They looked at Suki.

"Hey," spoke Suki.

"Suki. Didn't see you during the feast." Ty Lee looked at her joyfully.

"Um, sorry."


"For not hanging out with all of you during this trip. I was so excited to come here to Kyoshi Island, but when I did... I just sort of..." Suki shook her head.

"It's okay." Ty Lee understood what she was saying. "You don't need to apologize to us."

"I know," began Suki. "But, I wanted to let you all know that I'll be back." Suki smiled. "I'll return to Kyoshi Island. One day. And when I do, I hope that we can hang out for a while."

"Group hug!" Ty Lee smiled as the Kyoshi Warriors embraced each other.

Suki and Mai waved goodbye to the warriors as the duo walked back to the bison. They jumped on Appa.

"Let's go!" spoke Aang, who didn't seem to be aware of the situation. In fact, no one else knew, except Sokka. Suki looked at him and smiled. Their hands met.

"Yip Yip!" Aang shook the reins and Appa kicked off, the villagers waving at them.

I was so busy worrying about leaving the gang that I barely enjoyed myself, thought Suki. After more than a year of wanting to come back, I didn't enjoy myself at all...... Not one bit.

Sokka looked at her, his face saying, "Don't beat yourself up." Suki laughed, as did Sokka.

"Can you read minds or something?" asked Suki. They continued to laugh. The others looked on, confused. But they said nothing.

I'll be back. One day. But now, there's something more important to do: Help the gang and stop Long Feng.

The now content Suki began a conversion with Sokka.

Appa flew over a large body of water, nearing the destination. The end was nearing. The sky rumbled as dark clouds loomed overhead.

Something was on its way. The end was in sight.

But the gang enjoyed their last moments of peace. For it was very possible that it would end soon.

There was a dark feeling in the air. A feeling that would last for a while.

It was here.

The end had begun.


  • Suki's feeling that she hasn't contributed much to the group is a reference to the way Sokka felt in "Sokka's Master."
  • Foamy appeared twice in this chapter.
  • The last sentence is a reference to the next chapter, which is the first part of the finale for AtWA.
  • The sentence, "Just...chicken" is a reference to the line in "City of Walls and Secrets" in which Katara says "Just...bear."
  • Zuko saying "There's a storm coming. And a big one," is a reference to what Iroh said in "The Storm."

Author's Note

Here it is. Finally. This chapter, I thought, is a much better improvement than the previous, but still not 100% satisfied. I think it's impossible for me to please myself...Hehe. I kind of wish I had more interaction between Mai and Ty Lee, but couldn't find an appropriate place to put it. Oh well. Three chapters left... Hopefully I can make them the best of the series.

--Aang20791 Aang DOBS Sprite AtWA - EaE 01:02, December 23, 2011 (UTC)


This chapter is dedicated to Theavatardemotivator. TAD, oh where do I start. TAD is hilarious! Your demotivators... so awesome! TAD's helpful as well. And she's written a beautiful fanon (more promotion! Again, TAD didn't ask me to promote it.) I've only read a couple chapters, but I'm very impressed from what I've read! All in all, keep it up, TAD! You make the wiki explode with laughter.

Please don't ask to be dedicated. And please don't think that I'm singling out users when I dedicate them. You all are great and friendly users (as long as you're not trolls or rude). Don't worry, I have a great idea that will benefit everyone. You'll all see in the last chapter.

--Aang20791 Aang DOBS Sprite AtWA - EaE 01:02, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

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