Another Day Another Crime
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Another day, another paycheck, Korra wins, Amon escapes. It's all a blur, not important to me. Yes, I was around during the times with Yakone, we were like brothers in crime you could say. We helped him escape prison, lets say corruption lies deep in the morgue. But I was locked up 7 years, no breakouts. Since I came back, I've lost control in the streets. But I'm ready to take my power back, we've planned an assassination of the gang leader of the Agni Kai Triad.

"Ukaine, the time has come.." said Yasine.

The light dimmed through the blinders, thick lines of light cascaded on Ukaine's face. His slight smile of mischief bottled up in his elaborate calculating mind.

"Let's go, that Triad won't know what hit them." Bragged Ukaine

A few minutes later Ukaine and 15 other men, all benders and a mecha-tank. The black van pulled up silently next to the Triad's base, they quietly climbed out, and the black van backed slowly backwards. Then sped at speed's to high to know just by looking at it, and demolished the wall. Dust permeated the air, breathing was almost impossible. Cement seemed to be raining from the air, the truck was totaled, and the driver was killed by the flying cement. The raid was on, hopefully it ended well. 3 Earthbenders entered the base to meet the first responders, perfectly to plan. They quickly sunk the stone under them to trap them. But a firebender shot a fiery ray at one of the men, striking his chest. The fire caught on to the fragile carpets on the wall, they had limited time.

Ukaine decided the plan would fail and silently crept into the mecha-tank. He launched the metallic tank into the second floor of the building, flattening the wall and shattering the glass. There he encountered Sokic, leader of the Agni Kai Triad. But didn't notice his 2 body extremely muscular body guards.

Sokic said," Ah, Ukaine, come to assassinate me I guess? Well it's hopeless... Get him boys!"

The two unnoticed men dived into the tank, using their momentum to fire the tank off the second floor. The wreckage of the tank left metal parts and fire all over the floor. Disaster struck, they heard police sirens. Ukaine and Sokic caught each other's eye's and fired lightning simultaneously at each other. The power of the collision tore down the building singlehandedly and turned the peaceful neighborhood of Sandstone Shallow's into a noisy and destructive war zone. The attack of the leaders launched a three way fire fight. Police arrived and attacked the 2 gangs, the gangs attacked each other and the police.

Earth launched in the air, fire disrupted the sky, dust clogged the air, and water flooded the streets. Citizens ran screaming from their homes, yelling pierced half of Republic City, it was mayhem. But Ukaine used his cleverness to somehow sneak behind the Agni Kai Triad.

He said with a smile," You never stood a chance."

And let loose his lightning...

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