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Anjing Tribe
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The Anjing Tribe is a small tribe currently located somewhere in the forests near the city of Taku, previously living in the Foggy Swamp. They made a "re-emergence" after Harmonic Convergence where they reclaimed their ability to woodbend.


The Anjing existed for eight thousand years before the end of the Hundred Year War. They were forced into hiding in the Foggy Swamp at a time of war. Their descendants moved from the Swamp further north to the city of Taku where they later began living in the forests nearby. They decided to name this area of forest the Anjing, naming their tribe after it.

They were given the power of woodbending from the spirits of the forests so that they could keep the forest safe. Using this ability to their advantage, the tribe kept the forest safe for many centuries. Sometime later the Anjing lost this power, dwindling in numbers, many choosing to leave when the Hundred Year War began. A large number of them perished during the attack on Taku by the Fire Nation, some trying to fight back and some trying to escape from the overwhelming number of Firebenders.

After Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG, the Anjing regained their ancestral power of woodbending, but still remained in the "Anjing Forest". They reestablished contact with the citizens of Taku around 182 AG and finally made themselves known to the rest of the world, starting with the Earth Kingdom.

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