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"A power dark enough to quench the light, the creatures lose their way and might. To use such a power quells true sight."
— One of Jamtso's last remaining writings; a riddle suggesting the airbending ability to control animals.

Animal Manipulation is a specialized sub-skill of airbending that allows an airbender to Zookinetically control the actions and emotions of animals. The technique was discovered by Jamtso, who subsequently took the knowledge of this ability to his grave, only leaving slight hints of this ability in his writing.

Due to its manipulative nature, it was and is considered the darkest ability an airbender can possess. Even though Jamtso only controlled animals using this skill, he also believed he may have been able to control other humans.


This rare ability only existed in the minds of airbending masters for thousands of years. Due to the Air Nomads peaceful way of life and their deep respect for all life around them, they deemed any airbender who would ever use such a skill a disgrace to the Air Nomads and a traitor.

During his long fasting around 1,820 BG, an airbender named Jamtso decided to experiment with such a skill, choosing the most populated cliff he could find, with the greatest assortment of animals for him to use. Over the following months, Jamtso went from animal to animal, each bigger than the last, ending his teachings by gathering an entire herd of Flying bison to help him back to the Northern Air Temple.

Eventually, Jamtso decided that he could never allow another airbender to practice such a dark skill. He spent the rest of his life away from the Northern Temple, spending the rest of his life bringing several animals back from the brink of extinction. Nearing the end of his life, Jamtso returned to the Northern Temple, in order to complete his writings, and in the process made a riddle that only suggested this rare ability, and took the truth of this power to his grave.

Over 2,000 years later, the greatest airbenders from Gyatso to Tenzin were unable to fully grasp what he had achieved. No Air Nomad after him attempted to exercise this power as the method of learning it went against their fundamental teachings as an Air Nomad.

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