By Saphira1001 Part of the Avatar: The Legend of the Phoenix continuity.
Biographical information

Air Nomads


Spirit World, formally Northern Air Temple


15 at death


15 BG


0 AG

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Eye color

sky blue

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Bending style(s)



Monks of the Northern Air Temple


Erica, Roku, and Fang



Chronological and political information

Member of Team Spirit


Monks of the Northern Air Temple


Anil was raised at the Northern Air Temple with many other young monks-in-training. He was an average student with an above average maturity level. He lived at the temple until the age of fifteen. When he was fifteen Sozin's Comet arrived and the Fire Nation army attacked the Air Nomads. Anil died when the army attacked the Northern Air Temple.

Time in the Spirit World

For the next ninety-seven years Anil would reside in the Spirit World, living the average life of a spirit. However one day he was walking along a swampy area of the Spirit World he noticed a white haired girl being held by a giant snake spirit. He then climbed up into one of the trees and jumped onto the snakes head, freeing the girl. He then grabbed the girl and dragged her through the swamp to a clearing where he had seen Roku and his dragon Fang earlier. Fang scared off the snake and the two were safe.

He then learned that the girl's name was Erica and that she was a waterbending Phoenix. He also learned that she had gone to the Spirit World in order to save people who were taken by evil spirits from the Northern Water Tribe. Anil the deduced that the head spirit, Oni, was most likely residing in an area of the Spirit World known as the Tundra. Because the Tundra is such a large area Anil, Roku, and Erica went to the realm of Koh in order to gain more information as to where exactly Oni might be.


  • Erica- The current Phoenix, Anil accompanies Erica on her journey to free people who were taken from the Northern Water Tribe.
  • Roku- Roku and Anil are both accompanying Erica on her journey to free people who were taken from the Northern Water Tribe.

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