By Omashu Rocks Part of the The House of Angkara continuity.
Angkara Family
General information

Wang Chao

Notable members

Zhang, Kriyel


Kisah Palace


Kisah Royal Family


To Rule Kisah With An Iron Fist

The Angkara Family is the ruling family of the multi-cultural city of Kisah in The House of Angkara The family is comprised of three Firebenders, Wang Chao, Zhang, and Kriyel.


  • Wang Chao: The Reigning Monarch of Kisah.
  • Zhang: Kisah's De Facto Ruler.
  • Kriyel: Zhang's Wife and Most Cruel Member of the Family


  • The Angkara Family symbol depicts the Sun (the source of Firebenders' power) omnisciently watching over everything. The Angkara family strikes fear into the citizens of Kisah by claiming the people are always spied upon.
  • The idea for the name "Angkara" was conceived when the author googled "cool villain names."

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