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Anger and Pain
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In a time, long ago. War raged across Patria, concerning all elements. Flamma, the Benders of Fire wanted power. Flamma was strong; the other Elements were crumbling. The fate of Patria was linked to the destiny of one...


I decided not to wear my armor. Zena said I should, but without it I would be fast, and agility had always been one of my strengths.

The full moon was rising fast, it reminded me of Kira. Kira of the Moon, I thought about the likeliness that we would meet again. Sadly, I would probably never see the wonderful girl again. I rarely made trips to the Shrines, and she probably lived in the far reaches of Unda. She might still be training, at the Unda Stirring Sanctuary.

I sighed, back to work. Archers were to be stationed at every corner of the ritual room. The assassin wouldn't tell the difference.

Once captured the assassin would be escorted to Fort Laurus by none other than me. At Fort Laurus he will be tried and sentenced for treason and murder. Death was the only verdict, but Zena and I both agreed he would have the honor of dying before my father, in Corona.

Zena told me that she would take no credit for helping, serving Flamma was its own reward. Finally, I would get the credit I deserved. I would return home as a hero, with great honor. I smiled in spite of myself, who needed the love of one, when you could be loved by all.

I signaled the archers to take position. Zena was entering the court of the Shrine. She walked down the candle lit path to the glowing shrine. She knelt before it letting her forehead rest on the ground. Zena started murmuring her prayer for the Noble Elementum of Flamma.

Everything was in place now we only needed to wait.


I was hiding in the rafters above the court. I was unfamiliar with the rituals of the Shrines. The four sages at every corner must be included for the ritual's sake. I wanted her attention first, before the kill. Performing as planned, I dropped tiny droplets of water around her head.

Looking up, Zena stopped murmuring. I leaped from the rafters landing five feet away from her. Drawing my bow and arrow I aimed at Zena. "Leave or she dies!" I commanded the sages.

The sages stood still, refusing to move. Lowering my bow, fear seized me. Something was wrong I had to get out of here; I had to get out fast.


He started to run for the door. I signaled for the archer to shoot, piercing the ends of the assassin's cloak to the floor. Snagged by his cloak the assassin fell to the ground. While on the floor, my archers nailed his arms and legs to the floor by his clothes. He couldn't move. I smiled, it was done.

Zena laughed, "You honestly thought that you could kill me? I am Zena the Wanderer! Daughter of Flamma Leader, Talis the Thorn!" she paused, obviously running out of titles, "Let's see who this nameless fear is." The archers hurried to retrieve the assassin.

With his hands pinned behind his back, the assassin was presented to Zena. She threw back the hood to reveal a woman. A woman with silvery blonde hair and deep blue eyes, Kira.

My jaw dropped, Kira, delicate Kira. Not but two hours ago I had spoken with her, the assassin, the murderer. Confusion and anger swept over me in waves.

"Name yourself," Zena commanded Kira.

Kira snarled and spat at Zena's feet, "I would rather die," she seethed.

"All in due time," Zena assured, "take her away! I must give thanks to the Noble Elementums for this great blessing," she commanded the archers.

As the archers left I had no choice but to follow them. Surely this was a mistake, there was no way Kira could be the assassin. Yet here she was armed with her bow and arrow and a leather pouch of water.

Yes, yes she was here. She was armed, she had planned this! She had weaseled her way into my affection in case she was captured, and I would save her. I snickered; she was wrong, my loyalty lies with Flamma and Flamma alone.

A voice, more like a whisper, at the back of my mind assured me that there was more to this than this. Brow furrowed and mind brewing I stalked behind the archers. I had to find out more.


I had to relax; no one could keep me imprisoned. I have to admit that when I was young I would get captured from time to time, but they always underestimated my ability.

The archers walked me to a metal cage. It was pulled by two black horses. It looked terribly uncomfortable. They secured my wrists and ankles in iron clamps. The iron clamps were fastened to chains linked to the upper and lower corners of the cage. This prison cell was made for Unda captives.

I sighed; this was going to be tough.

There was a crack of a whip and the caravan started to move forward. With nothing else to do, and my brain too tired to think, I closed my eyes and tried to catch some sleep.

My eyes snapped open; where was I?

I was on a mission in Beor, to kill Zena. Mission failed, I was captured. I pulled on the chains around my wrists, as sturdy as ever. I looked up, Flamma soldiers were milling about. The caravan had stopped to eat breakfast. I wondered if one of them was Kuzon. He probably wouldn't have the nerve to talk to me. He would never hear the end of that, talking to the assassin.

Judging by the scenery we were already in Ventus. With grassy hills as far as the eye could see, I guessed that we were a half day's journey to Fort Laurus.

I hung my head; this was by far the worst predicament I have been in. I shivered I felt someone looking at me. I looked up; a soldier was standing in the middle of the clearing, other soldiers were scurried across the clearing hurrying to pack up. He just stood there. I knew instantly who he was, Raydin. His helmet was on, so I couldn't see his face.

Someone called his name. He turned toward the voice, and walked away, without a backward glance.


Fort Laurus was in sight. The sun was setting. All had gone smoothly. I had let Kira see me, I hoped she was hurt. I hoped that she was in pain, chained in a cage, immovable. I hoped that she hurt when she saw me as much as I hurt seeing her.

I was about to free her when one of my men saved me from her trance. Her eyes were captivating, mysterious, hidden, and hurt. Seeing her chained was almost too much to bear. I was still angry at her, but it was hard to show it when you saw her with her head hanging, and pain in her eyes.

"Brother," it was Zena, "something is troubling you. What is it?"

I looked up at her. She rode on a black stallion, she wore a simple traveling tunic, and concern filled her countenance. I looked back at ground, "nothing," I heard her scoff, unsatisfied, "it's just that things have gone so smooth, too smooth. I'm just waiting for something to go wrong."

"Father always said I was good luck," she chuckled, but turned serious, "but Raydin, really you shouldn't be so tense. Your men are getting uneasy seeing you this anxious."

"Don't worry I'll relax once we get inside the walls of Fort Laurus," I assured her.

"Then start relaxing, brother. We're here."

My head shot upright. The caravan pulled into the view of Fort Laurus. I took a deep breath, finally, security at last.

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