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Andrew Westfield
Biographical information

"Metal Man" "The Shadow"





Birth place

Seattle, Washington


Fort Kiowa (formerly) now the Avatar World




2054 CE

Physical description





6'3 feet


210 lbs

Hair color

Dark brown

Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Dai-Katana, Throwing Knifes, Daggers.

Fighting style(s)



Master Swordsman, Master Martial Artist, Expert Fighter, Proficient Marksman, Charismatic Speaker, Genius level intellect.


Unknown Father and Mother (deceased)


Team Avatar , Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes


Fire Nation, Ozai, Azula

Chronological and political information

Team Avatar, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes

Born in 2254 CE to a middle-class family in Seattle, Washington, Andrew attended his education and grew up in the city with his parents. However, the Resource Wars began, and his father was killed in action fighting in the South China Sea. He took up a job as a shipyard worker, hoping to alleviate the stress of work on his mother. However two months after his father's death, his Mother committed suicide with a revolver.

Distraught and unable to go anywhere, he enlisted as a Mechanized Infantryman and was shipped off to Alaska to hold the Anchorage Front Line. He distinguished himself by bringing down two Chimera energy tanks single handedly and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Amongst his other accolades such as a promotion to Staff Sergeant, he was chosen as a subject for the new suits of power armor.

Determined to fight for his country, he quickly mastered the suits, proving that warfare had forever changed. Soon he found himself a 1st Lieutenant, commanding a platoon of Power Armored soldiers in which he grew extremely connected to. Dubbed the "Atom Hounds", his platoon cleared the Chinese defense around the Anchorage Front Lines, allowing Brigadier General Hosworth's 4th Infantry Division to push through. This push in the Chinese defensive perimeter allowed American forces to quickly an easily trap the stalwart but exhausted Communist Soldiers.

After Anchorage was won, he shipped back home to Fort Kiowa where he was supposed to begin the training of a whole cadre of armored soldiers for the upcoming offensive on Beijing on October,23rd, 2077. However, Sino-American relations had reached an all-time low. This culminated into a full-scale nuclear conflict between the two Superpowers. Andrew, believed klaxons and alarms to be a false test to keep his men on their toes. Little did he know that was not the case, and soon he was thrown into a world unlike any he had ever seen before.

Soon after his venture into the Avatar World, Andrew's power armor ran out of Fusion Cores, rendering it useless. As such, for months, he trained with the greatest swordsmen across the Avatar World prior to the invasion. He quickly became a master of Dai Katana and smithed himself an armor darker than the volcanic ash of the Fire Nation. Donning the title "The Shadow", he joined Team Avatar just 2 weeks prior to the invasion. He quickly proved himself to be an able warrior, besting Sokka and Hakoda in a 2 on 1 duel with little effort.

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