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March 22, 2011

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Ancestry part 1, Roku is the sixth chapter in the story Corruption and Redemption and part one of a two part chapter. It will focus on Azula when she has a visit from the spirit of her great-grandfather, Avatar Roku, who tells her about her true family roots.


I Need Somebody

After the traumatic and, to her, horrible mental experience Azula had against her two selves, she decided to try to block it out of her mind and try to move on. But the feeling, the impression of the experience was almost too much to bear, because just thinking about it wanted to make her vomit. Seeing what truly lies beneath her own psyche, the struggle, the emptiness, and seeing that all of her screwed up life and turmoil formed these two beings within her own thoughts, and she was unable to shun them away.

The good spirit said that they will continue to combat one another until she ends her turmoil and become pure of heart, whether it is of pure good or pure evil. At times, she would have chosen to stray towards evil if she didn't know that she could choose to become fully evil. But now, she is uncertain what good and what wrong is, and even if she could tell which was which, she couldn't decide which side to take. Her thought of what to do were completely jumbled up, and she was unable to decide what to do or where to turn.

From somebody, anybody, she needed help. She needed help and somebody to guide her into deciding what is good and what is wrong. But who would be willing to help a crazy, unpredictable young woman?

Just a Dream?

Azula started to hypothesis many different ideas of what really happened at the pond. She though it was perhaps a dream, and she has been having many strange dreams when she got the little sleep she had while running from the Dai Li. But she thought that such a dream was impossible to dream, and that her mind was too frail to think up of such a complex and real seeming vision. Perhaps it was something else?

I don't know how much longer I can live like this, Azula thought, One day I'm barely able to escape the clutches of the Dai Li, the next I am having traumatizing experiences that haunt me. I feel like I just want to end it all, right here and now.

Of coarse, Azula was unable to muster up enough willpower to do such an act, and she felt very afraid of death. She feared all of the Dai Li agents that were about, and that they would kill her when she least expected it. She knew Long Feng would stop at nothing until her blood was on his hands, and that his foot was over her lifeless body as he assumed victory.

The only thing I can do is to keep moving, Azula thought, The desert might provide some hiding time from the Dai Li. For now, I can't think of anything else to do.

Coming of the Savior

Roku rides Fang

Roku and Fang appearing to Azula

Azula was sleeping in a cave she found close by recently. She had much needed sleep, but feared that the two spirits will appear if she fell asleep. When she was sleeping, she started to dream, or at least she thought it was a dream. In her dream, she was on top of a large, misty mountain range. She wasn't in her Earth Kingdom tunic or looked messy at all. She was instead in her normal royal armor and robes, the same she wore during the War. She quickly looked around, and saw in the horizon a large, red dragon on its back was an old man who wore Fire Nation robes. When the dragon flew in close to Azula, the man stepped off and Azula could instantly realize that it was the traitorous Avatar Roku from her school lessons.

"Hello, princess Azula," said Roku in a calm voice.

"Get away from me," Azula roared, stepping back from Roku, "are you that spirit that I met earlier?"

"No," Roku responded, "I am the real deal. I spoke with those two spirits earlier and told them not to intervene with what I am going to show you."

"What are you talking about?"

"I saw that you were in extremely deep turmoil, and that you had no idea what is right and what is wrong. So, I decided to show you what is right."

"Why are you doing this for me?"

"Come on, it's the best I can do for my great-granddaughter."

Azula was shocked, she had no idea that Avatar Roku's blood flowed through her veins. "Lies," Azula responded, "My great-grandfather was the legendary Fire Lord Sozin, not you."

"You have two great-grandfathers, Azula. Your father's side descended from Sozin, but your mother's side descended from me. I'm surprised you never saw the resemblance, you look just like my wife. So, will you come with me and see what you should choose, or not?"

Azula felt that she had no choice, and that she did need guidance for her life. "Alright," Azula said to him, "I'll go with you for now." Roku and Azula then climbed onto Fang and Roku responded, "I assure you, you will not regret this."



A newborn Azula

Azula and Roku were flying towards more mist and clouds, but then they appeared at the Fire Nation Capital, looking what seemed to be years ago. They then flew down into the Royal Palace, and entered a large room in the palace. Roku and Azula got off of Fang and Azula saw her mother, Ursa, laying in a bed holding a small bundle of blankets. They both took a few steps forward and saw Ursa holding a newborn baby. Ozai was the seen and then stepped into the room.

"It's a girl, Prince Ozai," said a doctor as he held his newborn daughter in his arms. Ozai then looked down onto her and smiled. Not a smile of joy, or of evil, but of seeing that she will accomplish much in her life, and that he could use such power and accomplishment for his advantage.

"What should we name her?" Ursa asked to Ozai.

"I want to name her after her mighty grandfather, Azula," Ozai said as he looked onto the infant Azula, "she will be a true prodigy, just like Azulon, and I can see that she has been born lucky."

"Why are you showing me my own birth," Azula asked Roku.

"This is the very beginning of your inner conflict," Roku answered, "Ozai saw that you would become one of the most powerful Firebenders in the world, and he intended to use that power for his own purposes."

Ozai looked down on Azula and again smiled a smile of what seemed to be greed. He had finally had a child that wasn't a waste to him, like Zuko, and that he would warp her into his pawn.


Prodigy Azula

Azula training with Ozai

Then they traveled further into time to see Azula when she was about six or seven, and she was in the main Firebending training room in the Royal Palace. She was training with Ozai, and she saw that he was pushing her to her limits and beyond. She was trying to perform a very difficult move for somebody her age, and Ozai was showing no mercy in the lesson.

"More ferocious!" Ozai bellowed out as Azula was attempting to perfect her move.

"I have been training this move all day," the young Azula responded, "maybe we should try a different one?"

"No," Ozai told her back, "you will not have a meal break or any sort of break until you do this move perfectly!"

Azula then almost got the move right this time, but she tripped at the last step and fell over. She then looked down in shame as Ozai looked down on her. He then struck her with his open palm and she fell to the floor. Her nose started to bleed as Ozai then grabbed her by the collar. "Never disrespect me like that again," He bellowed, "now, DO IT PERFECTLY!" Azula then stood up and finally did the move perfectly, much to Ozai's pleasure. "If you keep messing up training like that, you are no better than your brother or your uncle," Ozai calmly told her, "training is dismissed for today, now get out of my sight."

Young Azula then ran out the hall and into her luxurious room, locked the door, and jumped onto her bed, crying a pool of tears onto her pillow. Older Azula, who was watching the whole time, felt pity for her old self and tried to place her hand onto her shoulder in comfort, but was unable to because her hand would simply go right through her shoulder. The young Azula then looked out the window and saw Zuko, just finished with his training, playing with Ursa outside in the garden. Azula, seeing her mother spending so much time with Zuko and giving her no heed at all, totally oblivious to Ozai's harsh training. After seeing this, Azula then stopped crying and then gave an angry look as she then wiped her tears and stormed out, waiting for Zuko to be alone so she could make his life hell.

"This shows you that Ozai succeeded in twisting you into his pawn, and now you are paying the full price of buying into his work," Roku explained to Azula, "if you had chosen to stay with my granddaughter, you would have avoided such corruption long ago."


Roku and Azula then went through a multitude of different memories, many of which included the battle of the drill, the coup, and finally, the Agni Kai against Zuko. Each and every one of them showed how Azula grew corrupt by Ozai, and slowly drifted towards insanity and turmoil. What Roku intended to show her was clear, Ozai corrupted her almost beyond redemption. Now, only she could redeem herself.

"Have you learned anything during this trip?" Roku asked Azula.

"Yes," Azula answered, "I learned that only I can hold my own fate, and that I alone will redeem myself."

Roku smiled and said, "correct, you do pick up things quickly. I also needed to tell you that me and Sozin being your great-grandfathers is a way of seeing how your inner turmoil works. Both mine and Sozin's blood flows through your veins, and because of this, your good half and your evil half will be constantly at war with one another. I imagine your other great-grandfather, Sozin, will contact you and show you his representation of good, I urge you not to listen to him. I must now bring you back to the physical realm, so you may both reflect on this and try to redeem yourself, as I said."

As Roku finished saying this, Azula dissolved from the Spirit World back into the physical realm. She looked around, and saw that she was back in the cave. She felt, better at the moment, learning something very valuable about the reflection Roku gave her. She then stood up, and left the cave and continued her journey, knowing that the Dai Li wouldn't be too far away.


  • This is the first two-parter in the history of Corruption and Redemption.
  • This chapter shows much resemblance to "The Avatar and the Fire Lord," as it mainly depicts Roku aiding Azula spiritually and showed her many parts of her life in the past, like Roku did in the episode.

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