By Midsummermoon Part of the Princess of the Sky continuity.
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe



Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Knives, air, water.

Fighting style(s)

Airbending, waterbending, chi blocking, knife throwing.


Team Avatar, more.


Hiroshi Sato, Amon, Equalists, Lietenant, Tarrlok (formally)

Chronological and political information



Princess of the Northern Water Tribe.


Team Avatar.

Anaya is the current princess of the Northern Water Tribe who came to Republic City because her parents decided she needed to see a bit of the world. Eventually Anaya and her best friend Song joined Team Avatar and now help Korra and co. fight Equalists with their abilities.


Anaya was born some time in 152 AG to Haku and Layla the current chief of the Norther Water Tribe as there princess and a waterbender. When Anaya was 6 she became best friends with the newly arrived Song, but a year later Anaya became very sick and was unable to move for weeks. Eventually Song and Anaya were left alone so they could have final moments and say goodbye. But Song, using her spiritbending, saved Anaya by summoning a spirit to help her and to give Anaya new life, turning her once black hair blond similar to Princess Yue before her. Anaya was saved and 2 days later she and Song learned she was an airbender because the spirit who had given her new lift had been an airbender.


Anaya is a very energetic girl and can sometimes be described as an airhead due to the fact that she often wanders away, purposefully or not. She is also very curious and excited about new things that she sees in Republic City and can even been described as eccentric. She always seems to have energy and is shown to be a very good actor being able to trick her mother into thinking she is a perfect calm well behaved girl.

Anaya also has a dark side. She is constantly trying not to be the perfect princess and can be extremely violent when angered.

She is often loud and can be very kind and caring when the situation calls for it, she is also very clever shown when she figured out how to control one of the mech suits in under a minute.


Anaya is shown to be extremely skilled in chi blocking, hand-to-hand combat, knife throwing waterbending and airbending. She also has an act for being extremely balanced being able to balance on top of a street light and throw knives with dead on accuracy. She claims to be one of the best knife throwers around and so far as been proven correct being able to pin a man, that man was Mako, from 15 feet away with hardly any aim. She is also shown to use this skill while fighting having used it for a substitution of her bending because she prefers to airbend which she cannot do in public.

Her hand-to-hand combat skills are shockingly similar to airbending because she uses airbending moves except with a touch of Anaya to make them a bit more deadly. Her airbending is not lacking at all. She is shown to be more than able to fight with her bending and being very skilled in it. Except her airbending uses a bit more offense then defense due to the fact that she, unlike her fellow airbenders, happens to enjoy a bit of violence.

She is also a very skilled waterbender though she isn't very found of waterbending as she is of airbending. But she has been shown to be able to do master level waterbending and is a trained healer.

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