Pathway to Capital City
Anansi Becomes a Man
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May 31, 2013

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Anansi and the Sun

The power of reincarnation is an amazing thing. You live a brand new life, with new thoughts, feelings, loves and hates. Yet at the same time you have all your past lives within you to help and guide without hindering your independence.  This power belongs to the Avatar, the spirit of the Earth and bridge between the two realms and him alone.

Anansi wanted this, to him it sounded like the most fun he could ever have.  He had been to the human realm many times, it was the stage of several of his best stories. But he always wondered what it was like to be born into it. To be able to live among the humans as one of them and at the same time be so different. It was an experience he would give nearly anything to have.

So, as the Avatar walked along the road of  reincarnations he asked him (at this time)

"Avatar", he says, "May you allow me to try a reincarnation? I wish to see the world again with virgin eyes, to dance my first dance. To love for the first time again."

The Avatar laughed, "Oh no Anansi, you can not be reborn for pleasure. It is a sacred gift and must only be to help mankind and retain the balance." Before Anansi could reply, the Avatar reached the end of the path and faded into the human world to be reborn, leaving Anansi alone with his thoughts. His thoughts quickly became ideas and his ideas quickly became schemes.

So when the Avatar traveled to the next reincarnation, Anansi dug a deep hole in the path and filled it with his webs. The Avatar (this time a woman) fell into the hole and became caught. She struggled for a while but her bending did not help her, she was caught tight.

Anansi walked to the edge of the hole and peered inside, "oh dear Avatar, he called down, "it seems I put my trap in the wrong place. I thought you would be a deer." The Avatar glared angrily at Anansi but swallowed her rage to call back;

"Anansi! Let me out of here! I must go immediately, the cycle can not be delayed!"

"Of course Avatar" he replied, then smiled mischievously, "but it will cost you a bit I'm afraid,". The Avatars had gone red with rage but kept her manners, so in a strained voice she said;

"What do you want Anansi?" Anansi did a little jig and called back;

"Life my dear, I wish to be reborn a human for a while to enjoy things again." With this the Avatar laughed causing Anansi's jig to stop mid jump. Picking himself off the ground he asked back.

"Why do you laugh Avatar?" she continued to laugh. Her shrill voice echoing through the empty pathway. 

"Oh Anansi, this again? Life can only be awarded to a spirit who would contribute to humanity. Not so you can sing around and be merry"

Taken aback Anansi replied, "But I would contribute...", the Avatar cut him off. 

"How Anansi? I can bend all four of the elements, Tiger can crush a tree with his hands, even Krehiash can do more than you", this had gotten beneath Anansi's skin, especially the part about Tiger. In a voice like steel he whispered coldly;

"I can sing. I own all the stories", the Avatar failed to pick up on his tone and just laughed even harder. 

"Sing? Sing? Is that all Anansi? That is the tool of children and fools, now let me go before I give you a demonstration what real power is like", It should be noted here that in the entire history of the Avatar that was the stupidest thing any reincarnation has ever said.

Anansi felt hot rage bubble through him. He climbed down the hole with ease. Suddenly as if only just now, the Avatar realized her true situation. Trapped in the web of a very big and very angry spider. She tried to struggle again but Anansi landed on her, pinning her down by her neck. He moved his face very close to hers. His eight eyes looking into hers, she could smell his breath. It was actually very sweet and would have been pleasant if it wasn't for the current circumstances. But Anansi did not let his feelings pervert his plan.

"You don't understand anything young one" he said, smiling he untied her and carried her out of the hole. "Entire nations have fallen, demons slain, gods restored all from a single song", The Avatar gave him a cynical "HMPH" but Anansi continued.

"Well Avatar if you truly think I am powerless give me a reincarnation so I can prove to you the power of a good song, I won't even bend." She brushed webs out of her skirt and preened;

"Why should I?", Anansi smiled deviously,

"Because if you do I will give you my stories", she opened her mouth to speak but he interrupted, "Or anything else if you want, though trust me by the end of this you'll want it. So, shall we?", he held out his hand. The Avatar looked at it, thinking it over then shrugged;

"Why not", and she grabbed Anansi's hand.

So hand in hand the two walked down the pathway of reincarnation and faded away to be reborn.

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