Meeting of the Council of Five
An Urgent Meeting
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Book 1: Fire



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Defending the Capital City (Part 2)

It was cold and dreary. Narik walked outside, and there was a mass of people waiting for him. Their eyes began to glow. Narik ran away and screamed, but he only found himself to wake up from this dream.

Talunk walked in

He said, "Son, I heard you scream, is everything alright?"

Narik replied, "No, I keep getting these dreams, they are always the same, a mass of dark figures staring at me with glowing eyes. Somehow I think I knew who they were, but I don't know for sure....."

Talunk said, "It's okay, it was just a dream. Let's go on a walk with your uncle Arrluk."

Talunk took his son on a walk with his brother, while he tried to figure out what the dream ment.

He thought, "It was just a dream. It can't harm us."

He knew he was wrong.

The next morning, Prince Sekez awoke to find himself alone, Akemi was not at his side. As he was walking out he saw one of his servents.

He said, "Milord, are you looking for Princess Akemi?"

Sekez replied, "Yes."

The servant replied, "She got up a while ago, and she has been walking around with her sister."

Sekez said, "Thank you. You have been working hard lately, take the day off."

The servant said, "Thank you Prince Sekez."

Sekez walked outside to see Akemi and Shigiz walking around together. He went up to them, as they did not see him. He then heard Akemi say something to her sister.

"I know that he beat Talunk in that fight, but Akaze is too much of a coward to take the offensive." Akemi said

Sekez stared in awe. How could she say that about Akaze? He then made the decision to go and confront her.

Sekez said as he walked up to her, "Akemi, you are up early, how about we take a walk down the Royal Plaza?"

Akemi said, "I'd love that. I'll see you later Shi."

Shigiz replied, "See you later sis."

As Sekez and Akemi walked down the Royal Plaza together, Sekez saw no one in sight, so he confronted her.

"Akemi....I heard you walking to your dare you call my father a coward? There is no need for any more bloodshed. He is leaving to call that meeting soon with the other nations." Sekez stated firmly.

Akemi replied, "I spoke my mind, and if you don't like it too bad. Face it, Talunk is weakened, why don't go hammer the Water Tribe now?"

Sekez said, "You don't know my father then."

Sekez walked away, seething with rage. He ran into his father, and then he noticed that Akemi was right. Not about the coward part, but about Talunk being weakened. But he knew that his father was calling this meeting for support.

Akaze said, "Hello son. I am leaving soon.

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