"What happened to you?"
don't wanna talk about it."
— Katara and Sokka
Sokka freaks out
An Unlucky Event in Ba Sing Se
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"An Unlucky Event in Ba Sing Se" is the name of the first chapter of Sokka's Days. Sokka goes to pick up leechy nuts for Aang, but runs into difficulties.

Author's Note

This story takes place in many different time periods in the Avatar world. This one takes place during the second part of season 2 (When the Gaang is in Ba Sing Se). Enjoy!


Sokka walked down the street in lower Ba Sing Sa. He was holding a big sack of leechy nuts that Aang told him to get. Eh, what are you going to say? He's the Avatar. Sokka was just about to make the turn when he tripped on a large pebble.

He dangled his arms around repeatedly, screaming and hollering, until he inevitably dropped to the hard, cold floor.

"Ugh!" groaned Sokka. "Rasam, frasam, dunna, uh!"

Then, twelve leechy nuts dropped on his head. "Ah!" Then another eight dropped down. "Doi!" Then four, then five, and then one last one. "Uh..."

He got up, rubbing his sore head. He groaned and muttered under his breath.

"Man!" groaned Sokka. "JUST MY LUCKAAAAAA!"

A group of guinea-rabbits were moving him against his will as they scrambled after the fallen leechy nuts. They started to crawl up his pants, making him shriek.

"Woo, woo, laughs little laughs guys! Ha, ha!"

The guinea-rabbits crawled up his shirt, one popping up from his collar, licking his face with a small, pink tongue.

Sokka ran frantically around, hitting himself to get the little creatures out of him. He screamed and ran towards a fountain and into it. He screamed (gargling) in the water and flopped around like a Koi Fish. The little guinea-rabbits sprang out of his clothes squeaking.

Sokka still screamed for a few seconds after the creatures had sprung away. He panted, out of breath from all the screaming and running. He got out of the fountain, drenched to the bone. He looked around and noticed a group of little kids giggling at him. Sokka fixed himself up and walked upright, trying to keep from the indignity that came from being overpowered by small furry creatures.

He grabbed the bag that had only one or two leechy nuts still in them and walked off.

'Well,' thought Sokka. 'That was just very unlucky.'

Tired Sokka

"I don't wanna talk about it..."

He sighed out loud, popping the practically weightless bag over his shoulder.

After a little while, he walked into the brick house he lived in at the moment. Drenching wet, it was impossible for one of them not to notice. That was proven when Katara said,

"What happened to you?"

"I don't wanna talk about it," Sokka said, dropping the light bag on the floor, making Momo scurry to it and eat the remainder of food left in it. Then he walked into his room, slamming the sliding door.

"What's up with him?" queried Toph.

Aang shrugged, Momo perking up his ears. "Who knows sometimes with Sokka. Wet, dry, crazed on cactus juice, it's all the same Sokka."

The kids shook their heads in agreement, Momo included.

Behind the Scenes

  • Accidentally, the chapter was entitled An unlucky event in Ba Sing Se.

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