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An Earthly Awakening
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An Earthly Awakening is the thirty-fourth chapter of the fanon series Kyoshi Revolts.


After finally awakening from his coma, Chen is finally ready to resume his training, including Earthbending training with Giu. However, an attack carried out by Yi quickly changes things. Though this time, Ray is intent on killing the general after he makes a revelation to her.


New Ozai Hospital

Chen opens his eyes, as the comforting sights of Mina, Ray, Giu, and most of all – Kaila, fill him with joy.

"Chen, you're awake!" Kaila yells with joy, hugging him tightly.

"We missed ya, buddy!" Mina says to Chen, while Momo climbs over to him.

"I missed you guys too." Chen says, unable to get the smile off of his face. He looks around awkwardly. "Hey... where's Kambi?"

Mina, Kaila, Ray, and Giu all look at each with uneasy faces. Suddenly, everything comes back to Chen. Mitsuki's conspiracy, Kambi's arrest, and Yi's invasion all return to his memory. And suddenly, Chen remembers what Mitsuki said moments before she put him in the coma.

"I even had to sacrifice Quanlee's life to get this far."

Chen gasps. "Is Quanlee alive!?"

"Yes." Kaila mutters, look away spitefully.

"Mitsuki lied about her death to trick you. You flipped out on her, though she struck you down." Mina says. Chen looks down at his chest, and sees the bandages.

"How bad is it?"

"Pretty bad." Ray responds. "Can you stand?"

"I'll try." Chen gets up, and stands on his feet. "I...I think I feel fine."

"How's your chest?"

"Stiff, but it's not hurting me." Chen puts two fingers on the bandages. "So, what are we gonna do now?"

"Well, now that you're okay, we're going to leave New Ozai and head for the unoccupied Eastern Air Temple. During the journey, you're going to resume your Waterbending training with Ray and begin Earthbending with Giu." Mina responds.

"Yup, so you should definitely get plenty of sleep tonight, because we're starting tomorrow." Giu says with a grin.

Chen lies back down on the bed, and rests his head on the pillow.

New Ozai Outskirts, Camp

Chen wakes up once more. Though this time, he is no longer in the hospital room. He is in a small tent. Chen gets up, and pears his head through the doors. The sun was in the process of rising, and the birds were chirping. It was early morning. As Chen leaves his tent, he spots Giu, Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Momo sitting around a fire.

"Mornin' Chen." Giu calls out. Chen walks over to his friends, and sits next to them. "Ready to start your Earthbending training today?"

"You bet." Chen says, while looking into the fire. "I'll do anything it takes."

"Ah, camping. Just like old times, huh guys." Mina says, while heating up some turtle-duck egg yokes on a thin, metal pan.

Chen looks up at his friends. The memories of his dream come rushing back to him. Kaila notices his discomfort.

"Chen, are you okay?"

"...Yeah." He says quietly. An awkward silence brews across the five kids, until Giu speaks up.

"Do you... wanna start the training now?"

"Sure. Where should we go?"

"Psh, we don't need to go anywhere! We have all the earth we need right here. I mean, there's dirt under our feet!"

"Well put, Giu." Ray says sarcastically while gulping down a cup of water.

Chen smiles. "So, you girls want to watch?"

"Sure, that'd be great!" Mina responds.

"Ooh, Giu teaching a lesson. This should be fun." Kaila adds.

Occupied Rebel City

Colonel Xan stands with his men, as the rebel prisoners are loaded into the cart. By now, the city was firmly occupied and completely sealed off by Fire Nation troops. The palace was under guard and Kambi and his officials had already been taken to the Boiling Rock. On top of the palace, a statue of Azula had been erected, signifying her complete control of the world.

Xan turns around, and watches as Arrow, Lee, Saito, and the Meijing sisters are led away in chains.

"Take the boy and the females to the Detention Facility. Transport the two men to the Boiling Rock, along with their ruler." The guards nod their heads, and drag the rebels away. "And make sure we have Yi get Azula's seal on Kambi's arrest warrant."

"But sir, General Yi has not been seen today. Neither have our Dai Li agents."

Xan seethes in rage. "His stubbornness is going to lead to his demise."

Team Rebel Camp

"Earth is the element of substance," Giu says, while pacing around, as Mina, Kaila, Ray, and Momo watch. "Earthbending requires strength. It is not as smooth or swift like water and air, but also not as aggressive as Firebending."

Mina, Kaila, and Ray look at each other, all of them impressed that Giu went through a whole sentence without being stupid.

"Now, try to copy this move." Giu does a series of complex moves, and shoots two boulders up from the ground.

"Th-That one!?" Chen says in discomfort.

"No, not that one. This one." Giu stops his foot down, and shoots his arm forward. The boulder blasts forward at an incredible speed, smashing into the ground about thirty feet away.

"Okay, I'll try." Chen imitates the move, though, instead of moving the rock, fire shoots from his palms, igniting the boulder.

"I was afraid of this." Giu says, while shaking his head. "The chest area is essential for Earthbending, just as the stomach is for Firebending. Mitsuki's shot to your chest may have shut down your ability."

"That can't be!" Chen yells. "Let me try again." He repeats the move, but the rock remains still. He tries again, and again. Nothing happened.

"Damnit!" Chen yells. He begins pounding the rock with flames. "WHY. WON'T. YOU. MOVE!?"

"Chen, calm down." Kaila says, while walking over to him.

"Hm...maybe you still can Earthbend." Giu adds. "You're just gonna have to find a way to bend without using your chest area. Toph Bei Fong once used a different Earthbending technique. The Mantis style. Instead of using her chest, she mainly employed the use of her legs. I may be able to teach you a few leg-oriented moves."

"I guess it's worth a try." Chen says.

"That's the spirit! I-" Suddenly, a bunch of metal handcuffs and chains shoot out from under the ground. The cuffs wrap around Chen, Giu, Mina, Kaila, and Ray, and hold them down. The captured children look up, and see ten Dai Li agents come out of the ground. Accompanying them was Yi himself.

"Avatar Chen." Yi says. "It's been a while."


"What are you doing here?" Ray says to the general bitterly, remembering their previous encounter.

"Well, it appears little Chen has wondered too far. It seems mommy wants him back, so that he can play with his baby sister." Yi says condescendingly.

"Shut your mouth you pompous-" Chen begins, though Yi cuts him off.

"Quiet. You're my prisoners now. And when Azula hears that I have killed the Avatar, and the last free rebels in the world, why she'll make me the Phoenix King."

"You obviously don't know my mother." Chen says to the general smugly.

"Perhaps not. But I know she won't mind me doing THIS!" Yi's hands fill up with yellow flames. He swishes his arm to the side, and a swirl of flames head toward the five kids. In a panic, Chen shoots his leg up. The earth under him responds to the movement by shooting up a rock wall. The wall quickly dissipates the flame.

"Chen, you did it!" Giu says to Chen happily.

"Nice job Chen!" Mina chimes in.

"What a nice moment, I wish I could share it with you filthy brats." Yi says, while walking over to the kids. "But I have a job to do." Yi fills his hand with fire. Ray panics, though suddenly, an idea pops into her head. She inhales the air deeply, taking in all of the water through it. She holds her mouth for a moment, and then, suddenly, she spits a wave of water out of her mouth. The water smashes into Yi's face, and throws him back.

"Ew..." Kaila says, after seeing Ray perform the unsanitary Waterbending move. "That was cool, but really nasty."

"...I thought that was kind of hot." Giu says, igniting dirty looks from Mina and Kaila. Yi, however, proceeds to get up. Yi superheats the air around Ray, though she spins around in a circle. "Don't even try it."

"I wish you would have died with the rest of your people!" Yi yells to Ray. "I would have enjoyed ending you."

"What are you talking about?" Ray yells, while repeatedly dodging Yi's attacks.

"I am the man who killed your people, and ended the Water Tribe" Yi says smugly. Ray's face turns red at the sudden revelation, and the water around her begins to freeze. She shoots a water whip backwards, which slices against the chains and frees Mina, Kaila, Chen, and Giu.

"Sweet." Giu says, now free of his bonds. He shoots two pillars of earth at the Dai Li, knocking two out. Mina shoots her arrows at three others, pinning them to the ground, while Kaila simultaneously disables two other agents. Chen shoots one of the agents in the gut with Firebending, and whips another with Waterbending. The final agent comes at Kaila with a knife, though Chen shoots an earth pillar up with his leg and knocks the agent away.

"Yeah, I'm an Earthbender!" Chen says, beaming.

"Well, half of you, at least." Mina responds.

Katara prepares the icicles

Ray attacks Yi in rage

The kids go to help Ray with Yi, though she stops them. "No...he's mine."

Ray jumps up, and launches a violent icicle attack at Yi, each of them aiming for his heart. Yi spins out of the way and sends a surge of fire toward Ray. In a frenzy, Ray extinguishes the fire.

"You killed my people, you dirty BASTARD!" Ray screams and screams, trying to kill Yi with every attack. The general begins to stumble, though he gains advantage by kicking a fire spiral at Ray's legs. While she stumbles, Yi runs over to her and grabs her by the throat.

"Now it's time for some unfinished business!" Yi attempts to shoot Ray in the face, though Mina kicks him to the ground. Yi looks up, only to see ten defeated Dai Li agents. He jumps up, and takes a step back.

"It's over General Yi." Giu says. Ray dangles several icicles over him, prepared to kill him. Yi's life was hanging on the balance. As the standoff draws to a conclusion, Kaila looks over at Chen to make sure he is alright. Yi notices she is distracted, and superheats the air around Kaila. Before Kaila can spin in a circle, the fire burns both of her arms. She screams as the pain takes over.

"Kaila!" Chen yells. Ray instinctively turns around and goes to heal Kaila. Yi sees his opening, and shoots a large ball of yellow fire at Ray. Chen saves Ray by the skin of her neck, countering the flame with his own fireball. The resulted explosion crowds the scene with smoke. It eventually fades, revealing that Yi has once more escaped.


Ray runs the water across Kaila's arms, as the burns slowly fade and the skin does from red to tan once more.

"Thank you Ray." Kaila says.

"Chen, it's your turn." Ray walks over to Chen, and begins to unwrap his bandages.

"Ray, are you okay?" Mina asks.

"Not as long as Yi is alive." Ray says, as anger begins to take over once more. "I swear, I am going to KILL him."

Mina sighs. Everyone seemed troubled. Giu because of Kambi's arrest, Kaila because of Chen, Ray because of Yi, and Chen for... something. It looks like things are gonna be up to me. Mina thinks to herself. Though even she couldn't think of a way things could get better. It seemed like it was all over.

New Ozai Bar

Yi sits at the counter, with his head down and his breathing low. He had lost again. No surprise to him, anymore.

"Maybe I should just quit it now." Yi says, while chugging down a cup of vodka. "More!" the general demands.

"Yes sir, right away." The bartender scrambles to retrieve more alcohol for the official.

Suddenly, Yi feels a cold, wrinkly hand touch his shoulder. He turns around, only to see a horrifying ugly old woman draped in a red leather cloak. Her eyes were gray and as dead as the night. Her teeth were orange and yellow, and reeked of plaque and decay. The old lady moves closer to Yi.

"You want revenge on the Avatar?" the woman says in a demonic voice. "...Do you?"

"Of course I do." Yi mutters. "Him and his wretched friends ruined by life. But what's it to you?"

"Near the Eastern Air archipelago, there is a sacred Avatar Temple, filled with warrior guardians. Inside, there are relics, statues, and vast collections of spiritual knowledge. Avatar Aang is most likely going to advise Avatar Chen to go there to master the Avatar State."

"Why should I care?" Yi snaps at the old woman sharply.

"Because I can give you the information necessary to kill those rebels, and to end the Avatar Cycle for all eternity."

Yi's eyes widen. "Go on."

The old woman smiles.


  • Apparently, Ray has no problem with killing people, or at least Yi.
  • Giu utters a line similar to one from The Last Airbender. The line was used when the movie's Aang was trying to convince Earthbenders to rebel. It was a subject of laughter due to its simple ridiculousness. Ray even sarcastically says "Well put." to Giu after he utters the line.
  • This chapter foreshadows the events of the Book 2 finale.

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