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Zaru already has enough on his hands as it is. Then, an old "friend" comes along. He's an Earthbender by the way, in case the title couldn't help you figure that out.


Zaru was laying in bed. After that fight with the newly established Lightning Empire, he thought nothing could get worse. Call it whatever you want, but whenever he thinks that, it gets twice as bad. Just as you'd expect, an Earth Kingdom attack was waiting for morning. As the sun rose, Zaru woke, and went to the kitchen for some ice cream. Then... a wall crashed down and earth soldiers entered.

"Attack!" Cholu screamed. Cholu is the head general of the Earth Kingdom army, so it's his job to lead attacks on the Avatar. He's been head general ever since Voe was fired. Cholu sent many walls of earth at Zaru, but he blasted them all apart.

"Stand down!" Zaru said, "You know I can kick your butt!"

"Nonsense!" Cholu screamed, shooting an earth spike at Zaru.

"I could beat Voe, and he was twice as good as you!" Zaru said, blasting the spike away with air.

"Voe was a coward and a fool! That's why he was fired!"

Zaru swept Cholu off of his feet, then blew him away. He then blasted the army with fire. Patola came downstairs, followed by Erus, who was on stilts.

"What happened Zaru?" Erus said, "It feels like there was an earthquake." Then, Erus noticed the wall that was blasted apart, and the rocks that had been shifted.

"Oh. That happened."

"General Cholu isn't half as good as Voe," Zaru said. "It was foolish of Boli to do that."


Some Fire Nation guards came in.

"Fire Lord Erus! We heard..." he saw the rocks too. "I see."

"Gather the soldiers. See if you can catch up to them."

"Yes sir!"

The guards marched out, and Erus noticed the ice cream sitting on the counter. He sighed, put it away, scolded Zaru for having ice cream for breakfast, and sat down in a chair.

"What are we going to do Zaru? Cholu is even more aggressive and violent than Voe! He's led an attack on us every day for the last two weeks!"


The guards ran in, busted through the door, and prepared for a fight.

"Where are they?" a guard asked.

"Oh. There are no enemies. I wanted you to gather the generals. We're having a war meeting tomorrow."

The anger in the guards false summon was quickly replaced with happiness.

"Yes! We get free popcorn during the war meetings!"

The excited guards went to summon the generals. The next day, Erus talked while everyone chewed on their popcorn.

"Cholu must be ended! He is not a threat, but an annoyance. But this annoyance is preventing our victory! He will be gone!"

The generals shouted in agreement. Then, Erus sent a messenger hawk down to a famous assassin. Might as well leave it to the professionals. A few days later, the assassin said he would do it. On the night the assassin was going to kill Cholu, Erus caught up to Zaru, and whispered something to him.

"I want you to tag along with him. Anything can go wrong."

"Yes sir," Zaru muttered back. He then sprinted off to find the assassin.

A few hours later, they were on Draco the dragon, heading towards the Earth Kingdom.

"So," Zaru said, "What's your name?" The assassin stayed silent. "They call you the Blowdart. Why?" The assassin said nothing. Then, Zaru noticed a wikipedia:blowgun on his back. "Oh. That's why." Zaru began to be annoyed by Blowdart's silence, so he too stopped talking. They flew until they made it to Ba Sing Se. Surprisingly, nobody tried to shoot them down. "Well that's lucky," Zaru said. Then, they landed. They got off of Draco, and silently broke into Cholu's house. Zaru held a ball of fire over his hand to illuminate the area. They slowly looked through the house, but they couldn't find Cholu. They went through the last door in the house, and they saw the silhouette of a man laying down.


Zaru heard a blowgun being used. But it wasn't aimed at Cholu. It was aimed at him. Zaru shot a gust of air that blew the dart into the wall. Then, he noticed a distinct marking. There was something awfully familiar about this dart. Zaru didn't have time to think about it though. He had to defend himself from Blowdart's darts. He eventually blasted the blowgun out of his hands, and pinned Blowdart to the ground.

"Oh," said a voice, who's owner Zaru could not see, "I see you've met Blowdart. Yes, they had him come after me too. He works for the Lightning Empire, you see." There was something terribly familiar about this voice. "When the Lightning Empire and the Earth Kingdom united, he also worked for Boli. Boli hates me now. It's mutual. More importantly, it's YOUR FAULT!" Then, Zaru figured out who was talking. It was Voe. Former head general of the Earth Kingdom army.

Zaru got up, forgetting all about Blowdart. This was a mistake. Blowdart shot him with a poison dart. Right in the neck. Zaru grabbed the dart, pulled it out, and looked at the markings again. He recognized this too. This was the same kind of dart that killed Fire Lord Ajoke}}. It all made sense now:

Blowdart worked for Azap, and he was sent to kill Fire Lord Ajoke. Voe was an enemy of the Earth Kingdom after he was betrayed. Voe was to skilled to be tricked by an assassin, so he survived. Blowdart then agreed to go on this mission to trick Zaru. The figure wasn't Cholu, just a dummy put there as a decoy. How could Zaru have been so stupid? Zaru fell to the floor. The poison was working its way through his body. He was able to see blurry visions of Voe fighting Blowdart. But what was that other sound?


Patola came crashing through the roof. He slapped Blowdart through the wall using a water whip. Then, he encased Voe in ice. Patola took some water from the plumbing, and brought it down on Voe, sweeping him away. Patola then turned to Zaru. "You have a hole on your neck!" He held water onto it, and pulled the poison out. Zaru got up, only to be hit in the head with a rock. Voe had broken free from his prison of ice.

Patola and Zaru faced Voe. At least, until the real Cholu came out. "Hah! Look at this! Pathetic!" Before anyone could do anything, Voe turned to Cholu, and hit him with an earth-blast that could have hurt a lion turtle. It blasted Cholu through the building, and shot him so high into the air, they couldn't see him for a while. Then, the boulder that hit him blasted back down. Everyone jumped out a window as it obliterated the house. Cholu lied dead beneath it.

Zaru and Patola didn't even bother to fight. They just hopped onto Draco, and flew away. Voe had different ideas though. He climbed up onto his building-sized boulder, and it flew into the air. He was flying in a rock. He shot towards them, and they just flew. They flew all the way to the Fire Nation. Voe followed. He shot chunks of the rock at them. Patola shot ocean water, but it had no effect. He just kept coming. They kept shooting at him, but he shot back. Eventually, they touched down on Fire Nation ground, and Voe shot this ground at them. Then, a loud blast, a flash of light, and Voe's flying boulder was rubble. Voe was laying on the ground.

"Nobody hurts my great nephew without eating lightning!" He turned to Zaru. "Is Cholu dead?"

"Voe killed him. Blowdart works for Boli."

"I see. You have done oough!" Voe had blasted pebbles at him. Then, he shot two crystal daggers out of his sleeves, and Erus almost got hit. But Erus was too good. He blasted himself in the air, and Zaru knew what he was doing. He yelled to Patola, and the sea grabbed them, and pulled them in. He couldn't see or hear well from underwater, but there was a blinding light, and a deafening blast. Patola took them back up, and they saw a lot of obliterated land. Voe was nowhere to be seen.

Erus spoke: "The earth swallowed him up as I was blasting him. He'll live, but he's not fighting any time soon. And with that, they headed back to the Fire Lord's palace.

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