"An Air of Hope"
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The Legend of Korra





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Korra Sato

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January 16, 2015

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"An Air of Hope" is the first episode of Book Five: Connections of The Legend of Korra and the 53rd of the overall series. It was released on the Avatar Fanon Wiki on January 16, 2015.


One month after the defeat of Kuvira, Korra lives a new lifestyle of peace and harmony. But Vaatu's awakening will change the balance she swore to protect. Meanwhile, a gang of Earth Empire loyalists hold the world leaders hostage in City Hall and only Korra and the rest of Team Avatar can save them.


Beads of sweat trickled down Korra's forehead as she sent a body of water at Iroh. Iroh attempted to shield himself with a wall of fire, but failed and was sent flying into the pool of water below. For a few seconds he was submerged under the water in the Pro-bending Arena. Iroh swam to the surface and gasped for air. He looked up at the other players.

  "You didn't hold back one bit, did you, Avatar Korra?" Iroh questioned with a crooked smile.

  Korra smirked. "Believe what you want, Prince Iroh."

  Iroh splashed the water with his hand in aggravation. "It's General Iroh," he murmured under his breath.

  In deep concentration, Korra sent another body of water towards Eska who froze it in mid-air and let it shatter to the ground with a bored expression on her face. Korra's shoulders slumped and she sighed. "Eska, you're not supposed to freeze the water. It's against the rules."

  Eska reassembled the ice into its former self and levitated it inches above her hand. "I apologise, Korra. I was unaware that professional-bending was played by athletes who do not utilise the true power of their element. And these costumes are rather...unfashionable."

  Just as Eska was about to shoot the water at Korra, Bolin bent an earth disc at her gut and she flew off the edge of the arena. Bolin cringed as Eska's body fell to the water below. Eska recovered quickly and formed an ice slide which she slid down and landed into the pool of water with a soft Splash! 

  Bolin continued to cringe. "Sorry, sweetie."

  Opal's head snapped into Bolin's direction. "Sweetie?" 

  Bolin's head snapped into Opal's direction. "Did I say sweetie? I meant...sweet-person-that-I-used-to-be-affiliated-with-which-may-involve-a-kind-of-romantic-relationship. Hehe."

  Opal looked at Bolin unamused and unimpressed. With this, Opal was caught off-guard as her brother, Huan guided a piece of metal he found on the roof of the arena towards Opal. The piece of metal hit Opal in the abdomen and was thrown towards the empty stands.

  "OPAL!" Bolin yelled. 

  "Huan!" Korra complained in annoyance. "Metalbending isn't allowed either!"

  Opal manipulated the air around her and pushed herself back onto the ring. 

  Korra pressed her palm against her face. "Opal, that's-you know what? Forget it." 

  Mako sent four consecutive flames at Huan. All of them made their mark and Huan landed in the water next to Eska. When Huan resurfaced, he stared Eska up and down and put on a cheeky smile. "Hey, my names Huan."

  Eska sighed and rolled her eyes as she ducked Huan's head underwater. Huan splashed his arms around, trying to resurface for air.

  Hoping to start a hot streak, Mako started bending fire towards Kai. Kai jumped into the air, dodging the flames that were inches from licking his feet. Kai chuckled. "You missed!"

  Mako chuckled back. "Not for long." 

  Kai disrupted the air in front of a Korra which sent her flying towards the edge. Korra grunted as she dangled from the playing field with four fingers. Those four became three and those three became two. With all of her energy, Korra pushed herself back onto the playing field and sent a stream of water towards Kai. Kai was hit by the water, which was followed by a metal disc and a fire ball. With a yell, Kai plummeted into the water. 

  "Woohoo!" Korra, Bolin, Mako and Opal cheered simultaneously. 

  When Kai resurfaced, his hair was nice and neat. He tried to look up at his hair and blew air from his mouth, messing up his hair, just the way he liked it.

  Opal walked towards the edge of the ring and stared down at Kai. "Need some help?"

  Kai chuckled. "No." With his airbending, Kai pushed himself towards the exit of the arena.

  Opal smiled as Kai walked away. Bolin walked up behind Opal and hugged her. Opal closed her eyes and smiled.


  In Toza's gym, everybody freshened up after the match. Korra bandaged her hands and wrists as Mako and Bolin reminisced about the game.

  "I still can't believe we won!" Bolin yelled with his hands in the air.

  "Yeah, after you cheated!" Kai argued.

  "Hey, you cheated first!" Mako countered.

  "I was unaware of the rules that restricted me from displaying my potential," Eska explained.

  "Okay, okay, everyone calm down," Korra said with a soothing voice. "As the Avatar, I feel as though it's my duty to settle this conflict."

  Everybody waited for Korra's resolution. 

  "The Fire Ferrets won and that's the end of that."

  Naturally, not everyone was happy with the resolution. While everybody was arguing, Toza walked into his gym. "Hello?"

  Everybody was too deep in conflict to listen to Toza.

  Toza sighed and cleared his throat. "HELLO?!"

  Everybody straightened up in front of Toza, not wanting to get in trouble.

  "What are you doing in my gym?"

  Bolin decided to speak up. "Just celebrating the BEST. WIN. EVER!" 

  Toza stared at Bolin with an unimpressed look. Bolin stepped backwards with his head low.

  Korra stepped forward and looked back at Bolin. "I've got this." She looked forward to Toza with a large smile that spread across her whole face. "Hey, Toza! How are you?"

  "What are you doing in my gym?" Toza carefully repeated.

  "Well," Korra started, "we decided to play a game of pro-bending and..."

  "...And what?"

  "...And...we kinda forgot to ask you," Korra admitted with a fading voice.

  Toza rubbed his brow and sighed. "You know how I am with pro-bending. It's my gym. It's practically my ring. I don't appreciate it."

  Korra nervously chuckled. "Yeah, I think we should go..." said Korra with her voice trailing.

  Toza nodded and pointed his thumb over his shoulder at the door.


   Everyone began to disperse as they left the pro-bending arena. Outside and waiting for Korra was Asami with a small smile on her face. "How was the game?" she asked as Korra walked towards her with her backpack slung over one shoulder.

  Korra couldn't contain her smile. "It was...awesome!"

  Asami looked at the floor. "I'm sorry that I missed it. I had a lot of paperwork at Future Industries that I had to finish."

  Korra tilted her head. "Don't worry about it." She wrapped her hands around Asami's neck and they embraced. When the embrace ended, Korra stared into Asami's eyes. "Tenzin said he's hosting dinner tonight at Air Temple Island. Do you want to go?"

  Asami grinned. "Of course." She took Korra's hand. 


  The dinner had begun before Korra and Asami arrived under Varrick's request, of course. He and Zhu Li were expecting and he wanted the baby to be as healthy as could be and waiting for food was not his idea of pre-raising a healthy baby. When Korra and Asami came into view, Varrick looked up from his plate with a lettuce leaf in his mouth. He swallowed it quickly and grinned. "Finally!"

  Everybody was here: Wu, Mako, Bolin, Opal, Huan, Wei, Wing, Baatar Sr, Suyin, Lin, Varrick, Zhu Li, Pema, Ikki, Jinora, Kai, Meelo, Tenzin, Bumi, Kya Tonraq, Senna, Desna, Eska, Iroh and Izumi.

  Korra and Asami waved as they sat down at the table in between Korra's parents. "Sorry we're late," Korra apologised. "I didn't want to attend sweaty and dirty."

  Asami chuckled. "And yes, we know, that doesn't sound like Korra."

  Tenzin smiled. "She has changed. Mostly for the best."

  It was meant as a compliment, but Korra took it as a criticism. Korra sighed and looked at her empty plate. She looked up to Tenzin. "Can we talk...privately?"

  Tenzin had a confused expression on his face, but he stood up and followed Korra to a training ground. On the floor, Yin and Yang had been painted, a symbol of balance and harmony. Peace and Chaos. Good and Evil. Black and White. Yin and Yang. Opposing forces that must coexist in order for there to be existence. 

  Tenzin looked at the symbol on the floor. "What is it, Korra? Why did you take me here?"

  Korra closed her eyes and envisioned the symbol. "It's Yin and Yang. Two opposing forces. One cannot exist without the other, otherwise the world will be unbalanced."

  Tenzin raised an eyebrow. "Korra, I don't understand what you mean."

  "What I mean is the world has changed; the airbenders returned to the world and we've got the new Spirit Portal. The world is constantly evolving, but I'm not." Korra sighed. "I just want to talk to Aang again. He'd know what to do."

  Tenzin sighed, feeling for Korra and her words. "Korra, everybody wants you to reconnect to you past lives."

  "And I'll need them now more than ever," Korra explained with vague.

  "What do you mean?" 

  "Raava came back to me, remember?" Korra started. "And if Raava's back that means..." Korra struggled to finish her sentence and looked away from Tenzin.

  Tenzin looked back at the Yin and Yang. Vaatu and Raava. "Vaatu."

  Tears trickled down Korra's cheeks. "When I was in the Spirit World with Asami I felt a shift in the spiritual energy, so I decided to go to the Tree of Time...and Vaatu was there."

  Tenzin's head snapped towards Korra. "What?"

  "But he wasn't at his peak; he wasn't as large as he was when I last fought him." Korra wiped the tears from her cheeks. "All I want is another adventure, but not like this. Nothing like this."

  Tenzin decided to comfort Korra. "Korra, I don't know what we're going to do about Vaatu, but you can count on your friends standing beside you when the final battle begins. Just remember all of those times with the Equalists, the Red Lotus and Kuvira. Not once did any of us falter, no matter how high the stakes, no matter how much the cost."

  The sounds of glasses Clinking! and conversation echoed across the island.

  Korra looked up to Tenzin. "Thank you."

  "No," Tenzin declined, "thank you, Avatar Korra."


  That night, Korra slept on Air Temple Island. It was a more comfortable sleep than previous nights, and when Korra awoke in the morning, she felt she could take on any challenge. The first thing Korra did in the morning was stretch before the window. Beams of sunlight touched her skin, a presence she hadn't felt for what felt like a year. Naga awoke a few minutes later and silently watched Korra. 

  Breakfast came next. It was nice to have a conversation with the airbenders. She felt normal. 

  After that, Korra decided to walk around the city with Asami, Mako and Bolin. Naga walked beside Korra. They came across Narook's Seaweed Noodlery and decided to eat in. Bolin was the one who was most pleased by this.

  "Oh, Korra, this is the best early-birthday present ever!" Bolin said as he hugged Korra.

  Korra chuckled. "No problem, Bolin."

  "Wait, I'm pretty sure my birthday is first," Mako interjected.

  "Nope," Bolin disagreed, "there's exactly one-hundred and seventy-four days until my birthday."

  Just as Mako was about to speak, Asami interrupted him. "Hey, there's something on the radio."

  Everybody was silent as they waited for the radio.

  "It has only been one month since the fall of the Earth Empire, but there are still remnants even in Republic City! As we speak, a band of Earth Empire sympathisers are holding the world leaders hostage at City Hall, claiming that they have planted bombs not only in City Hall, but four other unknown places in the city."

  Team Avatar looked up from the radio. Their next act was clear.


  Team Avatar arrived at City Hall in a matter of minutes. The area had been fenced off by the Republic City Police Force. Lin stood behind the fences with a megaphone. 

  "Earth Empire criminals, exit the building with your hands above your head!"

  After Lin's words, an Earth Empire soldier came into view on top of the Hall. He outstretched his hand to the right and with his bending, ripped the metal from the side of a building. He bent the metal into a megaphone and proceeded to make contact with Republic City. "We're not leaving until you give us the Avatar!"

  Lin glared at the soldier. "We will not give up the Avatar to petty soldiers of a fallen empire!"

  "You're going to have to if you want your world leaders alive and intact!" the soldier argued.

  Lin looked to Team Avatar and nodded to her Police Force. They bent the fences to clear a path for the Avatar and her friends. 

  "Lin, what's going on here?" Korra asked with concern.

  "An unknown number of Earth Empire loyalists are inside the building with an unknown number of bombs inside," Lin explained, "and we can do nothing but wait. It's too dangerous to go inside. We'd be risking the lives of the world leaders as well as the citizens of the city. 

  Korra looked to her friends. "We can get inside without anyone realising and we can save the world leaders."

  Lin looked at Korra with doubt on her face. "Are you sure?" 

  Korra nodded, though she was afraid. Her father was inside, and she didn't want to be responsible for her father's death. "You have to trust me, Chief."

  Lin sighed and nodded. "Get in there and save those leaders...and my ex-boyfriend."


  Korra didn't want Naga to enter City Hall and it was a challenge to get her to stay with Lin, but they managed and the four of them sprinted from City Hall and into the streets beside it. 

  Korra ordered them all to stop as they passed through an alleyway. "We need to discuss our plan."

  Bolin looked at Korra questioningly. "Are you sure? I thought we were just supposed to get in there and knock everyone out." Bolin moved his fist in the air, demonstrating his plan.

  Korra lightly chuckled. "No, we need to be stealthy. Here's what I think we should do: We sneak through the streets beside City Hall until we reach the street directly behind it. There's probably gonna be Earth Empire soldiers behind the building, so we're going to need to get rid of them."

  Asami pulled out the Equalist glove from her bag. "I've got this."

  Korra nodded. "Once inside, we have to make our way to where the world leaders are being held: The council room. On our way, we would have to knockout as many Earth Empire soldiers as we can and find the activators for the bombs in order to deactivate them. Got it?"

  Asami, Mako and Bolin looked at each other for a second and then nodded at Korra.


  When they reached the street directly behind City Hall, Korra signalled them to rest. She pointed to the door, not too heavily guarded. Two Earth Empire soldiers without helmets were their only threat at the moment. Korra looked back at her team and signalled for them to stay put as she ran down the street in the opposite direction. All Team Avatar could do was look at each other in confusion and anticipate what was to come. 

  Korra bolted to the right when she made it to the end of the street and did the same thing when she reached the end of the other street. She was only inches away from the Earth Empire soldiers when they noticed her.


  With her airbending, Korra pushed the two soldiers into a brick wall across the street. When their heads made contact with the bricks, they immediately slumped to the ground, limp. Team Avatar took this as a sign to rush across the street to Korra.

  "That was the easy part," Korra whispered. "Now we have to get inside."


  Tonraq and the rest of the world leaders glared at their hosts. The session had meant to have finished half an hour ago, but it had been interrupted by a group of Earth Empire remnants, commandeered by two high-ranking soldiers. Whether they had actually been high-ranking when Kuvira was in charge or they had self-promoted themselves was unknown to Tonraq, though he did have his suspicions. They wore waist-high, blood-red hoods over their helmets to signify their status as they were the only ones wearing it. Their body shapes indicated both a man and a woman, though the woman held more of an aura of authority than the man. 

  None of the world leaders has spoken since the incident. They all sat silently in their chairs, except for Wu who was panicking. All Tonraq could do was sigh as he watched Wu in panic. 

  Tenzin sat with great posture, though a noticeable frown was on his face. Some may have mistaken this for his neutral face, but Tonraq knew otherwise.

  Then there was Fire Lord Izumi. Her face did not show any emotion and this struck Tonraq as odd. She looked calm and collected as if this were a normal day, which it was not. Her breaths were silent. 

  And then there were Eska and Desna. But they weren't there. Of course. 

  Tonraq looked up to find the feminine leader looking at him with a tilted head. "Tonraq, Chief of the Southern Water Tribe." Her voice was distorted because of the mask. 

  "Present," Tonraq replied, his glare still as plain as day on his face.

  The woman held out her hand to her left and ripped a chunk of metal from underneath the balcony, including nuts, bolts and screws. For a few seconds she played with them above her hand, bouncing them, manipulating them into different shapes, until she decided on the perfect one. She sent them flying at Tonraq's wrists which had been placed on the table under her orders earlier. Tonraq sighed in defeat as his wrists were restrained to the table. The woman continued down the table, doing the exact same thing to all of the world leaders, until she reached Izumi.

  "Place your hands on the table and there will be no trouble," the woman repeated from earlier.

  Izumi silently refused. 

  "Place your hands on the table and there will be no trouble," the woman repeated once again with a slightly angry tone in her voice.

  Izumi silently refused.

  "Place your hand-"

  Suddenly, all of the handcuffs flew off the table and towards the balcony above them. Everybody looked up to see Team Avatar. The metal levitated above Korra's hand, bouncing into different shapes and sizes and forms. The woman looked at the path of destruction Korra and the rest of Tea, Avatar had left behind them: Smoking soldiers, electrified soldiers, knocked-out soldiers and frozen soldiers. Korra smirked as the woman looked around the whole building to find no one left to fight for her but herself and the masculine leader.

  The masculine and feminine leaders looked at each other and nodded. With their bending, they ripped off all support to the balconies and in a matter of seconds, they all collapsed to the ground. 

  "Jump!" Korra shouted and Team Avatar followed. They landed on the ground without a scratch. 

  Fire Lord Izumi pointed her finger at the feminine woman. The feminine woman ducked just in time as a line of lightning flew over her head and hit the double-doors, smashing the wood into hundreds of chunks. Screaming people were all that were heard.

  Lin rushed into the building accompanied by four policemen and women. She pointed at the Earth Empire leaders. "Arrest them!"

  The two leaders split the back of the building in two and ran through. As they were running away, they closed the back to avoid being chased. They were not found.

  Korra looked around to see nothing but destruction and chaos. Her hope for a new adventure had returned, but not the way she expected it too. 


  That night on Air Temple Island, Korra didn't want to sleep. She stayed awake on one of the gazebos, staring at Republic City in chaos. The Earth Empire was back and this time they didn't need a Spirit Vine Cannon to cause that much damage. 

  Korra closed her eyes and reflected on her actions. She should've done something earlier. She should've prevented this from happening. But what? What could she have done to stop this chaos, to stop this unbalance?

  "I have your answer."

  Korra turned around to find Raava outside gazebo watching her. Her eyes lit up. "Raava!" She got back onto her feet, ran out of the gazebo and  looked up at Raava. "You've been so silent lately. Where have you been?"

  "Vaatu is returning and he is severing our connection to each other. We are the only ones with the connection to the Avatar left," Raava explained. Korra looked at her feet in defeat. "But there is a way to strengthen that connection: Reconnect to your past lives."

  Korra looked up to Raava once again. Hope had been restored. "How?"

  Raava remained silent for a few seconds. "I don't exactly know, but what I do know that could help is to explore their pasts, travel to their homes and face what they had to face, one way or another."

  Korra nodded with a grin. "This is amazing! Thank-you, Raava, thank-you!"

  "You make me proud, Avatar Korra."

  Raava faded without a trace, leaving Korra with the happiest news anyone had received in all of the nations.

Production notes

Series continuity

  • One month has passed since the defeat of Kuvira and the fall of the Empire.
  • The Earth Empire still exists.

Character revelations

  • Zhu Li is one month pregnant with Varrick's child.


  • The ideals of the Earth Empire are still alive and are being presented by new leaders.

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