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An Agni Kai with Koh
Live, from June's Inn!
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TAD's writing challenge

What have I gotten myself into? Why, it looks like I involved myself in TAD's fanon writing challenge!


I fight an Agni Kai with Koh at June's inn because I despised pumpernickel bread. Will I win? Will I lose my face? Let's find out...

The Story

There I was, waiting for a drink at June's inn. This place isn't as bad as they made it out to be on the show....I thought to myself. Right on cue, June slammed someone's hand down so hard during an arm wrestling match, the table they were sitting at smashed. Never mind then...

At that time, Koh came in to the inn. I was surprised, but then remembered I had to show no emotion, otherwise I'd be headed back to my hotel without a face! It turned out the face-stealer had brought in a fresh-baked loaf of pumpernickel bread. I figured that it wasn't my favorite, but I'd give it a try, if the spirit was so kind to provide it to us free of charge.

After a few minutes of offering it around, the face-stealer came to me. I took a deep breath and ceased all emotion, gave him a blank look and said, "Sure." With that, I spread some butter on the bread, and took a bite. As I tasted, I saw that I just was not interested. It tasted awful! I spit the bread out. He can steal faces, but he can't bake!

Koh quickly became disgusted. "You dare spit out my bread?"

I looked at him, again blankly, and droned out, "Sorry, dude...I just don't like pumpernickel."

The spirit became enraged and changed his face to that of a Fire Nation soldier. "If you don't like my bread, perhaps you would like my fighting! I challenge you to an Agni Kai!"

I got up from my table and prepared a Firebending stance. "Okay, let's do this." I sounded incredibly boring, but hey, I wasn't prepared to lose my face on this day, or any day for that matter.

The spirit launched a fireball at me, which I dodged rather easily. I then geared up for my attack, which was a whip of fire. I slapped the spirit across the soldier's face, burning it. "Yeah, take that and stuff."

Angrier, Koh shot a breath of fire at me, which I blocked with a wall of fire. "Oh, no. He's tough."

I just gathered up my next attack, which required me to jump in the air. I shot fire out of my feet, and the spirit was impacted. Koh fell to the floor, another table breaking in the process. I just sort of nodded, not giving any sorts of emotion.

Koh kept trying to get up, but I guess this soldier was not that good of a Firebender, because his moves were weak, and I countered them easily. It was so easy of a battle, it was boring as is, almost like I didn't need to be bored at all, this battle was doing its job.

After some time, Koh gave up. He got frustrated at his struggles with fighting, and also that I would remain emotionless. "You're mean!" He yelled at me, before taking his pumpernickel bread and leaving, not before he yelled "You will see people who like this, and also could actually fight against me!"

"Whatever," I added blankly.

"Stop it!" Koh screamed as he fled out the door.

After that, I sighed and went back to my table. "I guess you just never know what will happen around these parts."

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