The Awakening
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"He isn't opening his eyes."

The sound is washy, but he can make out what they are saying. All of a sudden, he yacks up all the liquid that was inside of his chest.

"He is alive!" He hears.

"Quick! Sit him up!" The voice of a man yells out.

He feels a hand press to his chest. What he noticed was the softness and the gentle touch. He was quickly lifted up and he began to cough up water and blood. He opened his eyes briefly to see beautiful blue eyes looking into his. He quickly passed out into a deep sleep.

Where am I? He thinks to himself as he begins to regain consciousness. He feels warmer, and dry. Am I laying in a bed? I'm wrapped up in bandages; why? He opens his eyes to see the roof of what looks to be a small building. As he looks around he notices a young girl sleeping in a chair to his left.

"Hey!" He whispers to her. He moves his hand, but it hurts. He taps on her leg. "Wake up!" He whispers again.

She quickly opens her eyes in surprise. "You're awake?" She says.

"Well, I guess so!" He says in a sarcastic tone.

"Try not to move. Your body is still very weak." She says.

"Who are you? What is going on here?" He asks her.

"My name is Minguyu. We found you washed up on shore, hanging on to life by a thread. We took you here, and they left me in charge to take care of you, since I am the only one with a decent amount of medical training." She explains. "Do you remember how you ended up in the ocean?"

He closes his eyes and tries to remember. "It's hard to really remember, but I might be able to make out some of it." He says as he thinks.

As he tries to remember, he sees a girl around his age, with these eyes, so full of life, but not at the same time. He hears her yell his name, "Chen!" She yells. He sees her quickly going away as he falls from the clouds. He opens his eyes quick.

"I fell from somewhere." Chen tells Mingyu. "It was a bit blurry, so I wasn't able to make everything out."

"What's your name?" Mingyu asks.

He remembers what the girl from his memory yelled out. "Chen." He tells Mingyu.

"Well, at least you can remember your name." She tells him as she smiles. "You should rest. Your body is still weak." He looks at her for a few seconds. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"Well... I just wanted to thank you." He says. "For taking care of me and saving my life." He says as he begins to drift off into a sleep.

She smiles and sits back in the chair as he goes back to sleep.


Hey readers! If you are checking this Fanon out, then I really do appreciate it. I understand this is kinda short. I'm using chapter 1 to introduce the story and two main character. The other chapters will be of decent sizes with two subheadings for each chapter. :) Thank you for reading. Make sure to leave comments so I know you read, and let me know what you think.

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