By LotusPrincess1616 Part of the The Yin Warriors continuity.
"Looks like you and me can be best friends forever despite our flaws, my little peachbottom."
— Michiko to Amma
Appa in a cave
Biographical information

Peaches (by Lotus)


Air Nomad

Birth place

Western Air Temple


Western Air Temple (formerly), Mei's koala sheep farm


5 (In Sky Bison Years)

Physical description



10 tons

Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)





Amma's Mother, brothers, and sisters, Michiko, Mei


Air Nomads, Michiko, Mei, Chey, Lotus, Kan, Jade, Koala sheep

Chronological and political information

Main transportation for the Yin Warriors


Air Nomads, Fire Nation, Yin Warriors

Amma is a sky bison under the ownership of Michiko and current transportation of The Yin Warriors.


Early Life

Amma was a sky bison born in the Western Air Temple and drifted away when she was playing with her brothers and sisters. She was alone, hungry, and didn't know the way to get back to the temple. A few days after; she flew across the Fire Nation Capital and landed because she was tired. Amma was in a big backyard and found a peach tree and started to eat the fruit out of it. When Michiko couldn't sleep at night due to the noise the bison was making, she went to the backyard to find the commotion. When she saw the source, she was ecstatic that a sky bison was in the Fire Nation, Michiko gave her another peach and began to pet her nose. Amma immediately began a liking to Michiko and licked the firebender's face. Suddenly Aunt Mei appeared and offered to let Michiko to be in Mei's care.

A few years later, Amma lived with Mei on her koala sheep farm to raise her to adulthood. Mei and Amma were kind to each other along with the herd, she also watched Michiko practice her firebending skills at the farm along with Chey.

Meeting Kan

Flying to their destination, Amma was carrying the trio in the air. Then Lotus notices Kan on a boat below, and Michiko pulls on her reins to lower her in the ocean to meet the waterbender. Kan greeted her and licked him in delight.


Like all sky bison, Amma is loyal, friendly, and very protective of their handler. Michiko describes Amma as far as a "Sweetie Puff " due to her heartfelt and affectionate nature. She has a tendency to be a glutton due to her insatiable appetite for moon peaches. Amma also has a strong emotional attachment to Michiko and the group, as she couldn't stand being apart from her family during her calf years. She is quick to comfort Michiko whenever she senses her problems.


  • Amma and Appa's names have a few similar traits.
  • Amma means grandmother in Icelandic
  • An anagram for Mama.
  • Amma is the first sky bison to be owned by a non Air Nomad.
  • Amma is a palindrome name.
  • Amma is named after Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī, primarily known simply as Amma ["Mother"], a Hindu spiritual leader and guru, who is revered as a saint by her followers.

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