Reclamation By The Snowbold Part of the The Reclamation of Arein continuity.
Biographical information

The Wanderer


North Earth Kingdom Continent

Birth place

Fortress of the First


Dol Mordath

Physical description




Personal information
Weapon of choice

Bending, Storm Flower

Bending style(s)

Earth, Metal


Iruei. Kuir, Luei, Qon (ancestors)

Chronological and political information

The Red Sun


Arein Rohan

Amir is an earthbender and descendant of the old Earth Kings before the Empire. Raised in Dol Mordath, Amir has been preparing to retake his place in the world.


Amir was born some time near the end of Lirin's empire. A descendant of the defeated Earth Kings, Amir's line is thought to be broken. He was raised to take over and fight in the hope of reclaiming their lost Kingdom.

At some point, he became associated with the Red Sun syndicate. Amir has stayed in Dol Mordath where the Empire has not enforced its rule or expanded its civilization.

Amir knew where the next Avatar would be after Lirin died.

Powers and Abilities

Amir is a very powerful earthbender and fighter, having trained not only to fight but to survive. Amir mastered all forms of earthbending and has exceptional skill in metalbending. Amir has proven to be very skilled in swordsmanship, but does not rely on it as his first line of defense in combat.


  • Amir is very different from his ancestor as he has never had any wealth or luxury in his life.
  • Amir is associated with the Red Sun in some fashion.

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