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Ambush of the South
Pakku waterbends


Battle of Xian Village


Dai Li Raids


Battle of Omashu


Guardian's War


101 AG


Southern Water Tribe


Defeat of the Firefighters


Team Avatar, Southern Water Tribe



Avatar Aang, Chief Hakoda

Mitros, Katas

Forces involved

Team Avatar, Southern Water Tribe



Light injuries

Mitros, Katas


The Ambush of the Southern Water Tribe was a battle in the Guardian's War. It is the last battle involving Mitros, Katas, or any of the Firefighters.


The Firefighters had tried storming through the Fire Nation, taking out all the towns they could in an attempt to obtain revenge for the deaths at the Siege of the North. After many towns were reconquered by Team Avatar and other Firebenders, the Firefighter's numbers and morale was low. Their leader, Mitros, proposed that they enter the Southern Water Tribe and attempt to add more volunteers to their group.

The Ambush

Mitros gave orders for some of this fleet to go to the sides of the tribe and be ready to launch massive waves towards the center of the tribe, if they were needed. He and the remaining portion of his fleet entered the small port of the rebuilding Southern Water Tribe, only to meet Hakoda soon after. Mitros attempts to lead Hakoda into a secluded area to talk privately, but Hakoda refuses. After Mitros makes a detailed plea for more troops, Hakoda refuses, saying the war is over and the Avatar's decision is final. Mitros attempts to attack, only to be stopped by Pakku. He recommends Mitros leave, but Mitros does not listen. The troops sent to the sides of the tribe send massive waves towards the tribe, but they are stopped.

Mitros then begins attacking Pakku, while the rest of the Firefighters begin attacking the rest of the Southern Warriors. Team Avatar arrives and they begin attacking the Firefighters as well, only this time Aang opens a second front. Eventually, while Pakku is stopping a particularly large attack, Katara steps in to duel Mitros temporarily. She holds her own, but Pakku tells her to stand down. Pakku challenges Mitros to a duel, to end his former pupil.

The Death of Katas

Aang was fighting many Firefighters, and doing well, until he realized that they kept getting up. Eventually, Zuko gets through the Firefighter's lines and decides to assist Aang. The two perform the Dancing Dragon and defeat many Firefighters before the final move attracts the attention of Katas. He arrives and begins attacking the two, dueling them evenly for an extended period. Eventually, he begins freezing Zuko to the ground. When Aang notices this, he begins pulling the ice down. Zuko is generating lightning the entire time, and strikes Katas down with one bolt.

The Death of Mitros

Mitros duels Pakku in a fantastic battle, going into the air and even under the ice. Pakku makes remarks about Mitros' abilities throughout the battle, further aggravating him. Mitros attempts to attack Pakku with his katanas, but Pakku intercepts the blades and sends them back at him. Mitros is unable to block them, but tries to continue the battle only to collapse and not get back up.


Team Avatar assists the Southern Tribe defeat the remaining Firefighters. Without a single leader, the resistance fell apart and they surrendered, agreeing to leave the tribe and stop attacking the Fire Nation. Aang, Katara and Pakku assist in rebuilding the city again before receiving a message that prompts them to leave.


  • Mitros' death was planned out from almost a month in advance from the publication of the two chapters.

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