Team Avatar fanart By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Ambush in the Interrogation Room
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Battle at the Royal Prison


Battle at Shu Jing Village


Guardian's War


101 AG


Fire Nation Capital


Dai Li Retreat


Team Avatar

Dai Li agents


Avatar Aang

Head Dai Li agent

Forces involved

Team Avatar

Dai Li





The Dai Li's Ambush in the Interrogation room of the Royal Prison was a battle in Avatar: Guardian. It was considered a success for Team Avatar. It takes place in the chapter The Dai Li Arise.

The Ambush

Team Avatar battled the Phoenix Warriors near the Royal Prison. After the battle, they had captured a few Phoenix Warriors. While Team Avatar searched for the rest of the Phoenix Warriors, Zuko had imperial guards bring the captured traitors to the interrogation room that Ozai had build three years before. They begin interrogating the prisoner, but are stopped by crashes heard from a few rooms down. Dai Li agents appeared out of the walls and attack, indicating that they want revenge for their past shame.

After an intense battle, the Dai Li agents realize their defeat and retreat through the walls.


Since they had been attacked twice in two days, Team Avatar thought that they needed to take a more proactive course of action. They decide to gather the rest of the team, who were training.

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