Team Avatar fanart By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Ambush in the Forest


Battle of Zhangzi Village


Battle of Xian Village


Guardian's War


101 AG


Fire Nation Forests


Loss of Firefighter moral


Team Avatar

Mitros, Katas, Firefighters


Avatar Aang

Mitros, Katas

Forces involved

Team Avatar

Aqua Assaulters





The Ambush in the Forest was a battle in the Guardian's War. The battle was a series of ambushes against Team Avatar by the Aqua Assaulters.


Team Avatar liberated Zhangzi Village, a small town in the outer Fire Nation. The leader of the Firefighters, Mitros, realized the shouldn't take the team so lightly and ordered an attack on the team. He called in a special team, the Aqua Assaulters to carry out this task.

The Ambush

The First Battle

While the team was asleep, a massive torrent began flooding the valley the team was sleeping in. Toph woke up and created a massive earth column to prevent the team from drowning. Katas revealed himself as the attacker before summoning the rest of the squad to aid him in his attack. Zuko, Katara, and Aang battled against the massive amounts of water being forced towards them, but are forced to retreat to a safer location.

The Second Battle

While Aang is thinking about the state of the world, ice spikes are thrust towards him and Katara. While Aang and Katara alerted the team to the presence of attackers, Zuko and later Toph are pulled away with water whips. Aang and Katara retrieve them, only to find the presence of many Aqua Assaulters. They began attacking, and Aang, realizing the desperation of the situation, entered the Avatar State. The Aqua Assaulters began forming a massive wave, which was deflected by Aang, also sending the rest of the Assaulters out of the way. Aang tries to interrogate an Assaulter, but it is to no avail. Katas and Mitros were watching from a nearby hill as Aang left the scene to think in peace.

The Third Battle

Aang lands on a hill far away, tired from the previous battle. He is then confronted by Mitros and Katas, who engage him in battle. Aang tries to reason, but is kept on the defensive. He is pinned down several times with ice, but manages to break free and continue the battle. He is eventually overwhelmed and flees on his glider.

The Final Battle

When Aang returns, he is attacked again by Katas and Mitros. This time, the entire team is there to help him, and the battle turns in Aang's favor. The battle rages on until Mitros is wounded. Katas creates a massive fog cover and helps Mitros retreat towards Xian Village, the last town they still held.


  • This is the first battle to span more than one chapter.

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