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Ambush at Patola
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The Airbender

Chapter 1 - Ambush at Patola

Shinn continued to climb the icy mountains of Patola, with each step being treacherous. The icy winds of the mountains began to pick up, yet the young Avatar hardly noticed them. He was much more focused on finding the mysterious 'Air Nomad' temple. The Air Nomads, they were an isolated civilization of benders who preferred the quiet mountains and hardly ever interacted with any other nation. They had always maintained a sort of 'Isolation' from the rest of the world and preferred to merely observe events rather than partake in them.

It had been two months since the climactic battle between Shinn and Xu Ki. After Shinn had let Xu live, Xu was taken away by the guards and later charged with treason. It turns out that the Fire Lord had denied any involvement, claiming Xu was acting alone. As much as Shinn wanted to believe that, he knew it was simply a lie, not that he had a problem with it.

Shinn had changed during the two months since his battle with Xu. He had matured and taken a step back from politics. Not killing Xu had liberated him and he could finally move on with his life. However, the world seemed as if it wanted him to cling onto his past, as Xu quickly escaped while en route to a Fire Nation prison. Shinn never expected Xu to even get there, but as long as Xu left him alone, he didn't care.

Shinn had mastered Earthbending now, mostly because in appreciation the Earth King gave Shinn the best instructor in the Kingdom. It had shaved off a few weeks but Shinn didn't really like him. He was a bit too full of himself as he was ordered by the Earth King.

The winds began to pick up as Shinn nearly lost his footing. He clung to the side of the mountain as a massive force of wind blew off the snow. Shinn continued to climb until he reached a small incline in the mountain. He laid down and recovered his breath as he cursed. He wondered how Air Nomads could survive such conditions.

As Shinn lay quietly, the winds mysteriously began to die down. His eyes widened as he jumped to avoid a razor sharp gust of air, and to his shock it had cut the rock he was resting on in half. He turned to see a monk atop a small rock. He wore a robe covering his face but the arm coverage had been ripped off. He wore light brown pants and traditional Air Nomad shoes. He jumped down from the rock and removed his hood. His face had been tattooed, and Shinn had no idea who he was or why he was here.

"Greetings," said the monk.

"Yea trying to cut someone in half isn't a very good first impression," replied a cocky Shinn.

"Neither is your aura," replied the monk.

"What kind of cra--Look, I need to learn Airbending as I'm the Avatar," Shinn began, "I just need to get to your temple and--"

Shinn was cut off as he was forced to dodge yet another blade of air, and just like before the blade had sliced clean through the ground which it had hit.

"You want to learn Airbending? Ha, let's see how strong you are, Avatar!" shouted the monk as he pounced towards Shinn.

The monk quickly jumped over him before unleashing a massive tornado of air that sent Shinn crashing into a nearby cave. The cave glowed red from the inside before it was completely blown away by Shinn. The monk called up a fog of air and disappeared into it. Shinn looked frantically as he tried to find any sign of the monk's location. It was fruitless, the monk had disappeared as quickly as he had arrived.

The monk wasn't far away as he had merely ascended the mountain with his glider. He smiled and looked down at Shinn. He pulled a black crystal out of his pocket and held it high. A massive gust of wind blew out of it as the monk smiled. He then walked into the fog. To the side of where he was standing, lied the body of a dead Air Nomad.

Eastern Fire Nation, Around the Same time...

Xu continued to run as the footsteps behind him grew louder and louder. He turned to dodge a steel blade. As he recovered his stance, the blade retracted. The forest he stood in was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It seemed peaceful yet it was the complete opposite. Xu continued to stay vigilant. His attacker could be anywhere. The steel blade shot towards him again but this time Xu grabbed the edge of the blade and began to melt the blade. As he did a man shot towards him and kicked him in the face. He reclaimed his blade and smiled.

"Not bad Xu," he said.

"So, you finally found me," replied Xu.

"Unfortunately, Shinn was less than cooperative," said the man.

"Sorry, but even if he is who you say he is, he still has a mind of his own."

"Not for long."

"You over-estimate your chances."

"Humph, your words are as pitiful and weak as your attempts to stop us."

"Say that again," replied Xu, drawing his sword, "Say it, to my face".

Xu rushed towards the man as the man shot his steel blade at Xu once again. Xu pushed the blade away as he swung his sword at the man. The man bent back and dodged Xu's vertical slash. The man then retracted the blade which, due to the man's position in front of Xu, struck Xu in the back. Xu was stunned by the attack as he was unable to defend against the man's kick to his gut. Xu fell back as he felt the full force of the man's foot. The man then jumped to his feet and placed his blade in front of Xu's throat.

"I told you, you are weak," said the man.
The Immortals

'Fuma's Mysterious Allies'

"And you are stupid, Fuma," replied Xu.

Fuma was puzzled by Xu's words, but quickly found out what he meant as the sky began to go stormy, and a bolt of lightning shot down and crashed onto Fuma. He recoiled in pain as Xu kicked him off. Fuma, still stunned, shot his blade at Xu. However, Xu easily dodged the blade but before he could counter, Fuma had disappeared.

Xu turned to find Fuma standing with masked men next to him. As Xu looked around, he realised he was encircled. The men began to slowly advance as Xu drew his weapon and smiled. He was ready for a decent fight...

Patola Mountain Range, A few moments later...

Shinn finally reached the top of the mountain, he was still thinking about that monk and how hostile he was. As he looked down he saw it, a shining white temple. Gliders circled around it as it shone in the sun. Shinn smiled, he had finally found it...the Southern Air Temple...

Unknown Location, the same time...

Kor sat on a throne as two men wearing the same armour as Fuma's allies stood before him.

"My Lord, we have found him," said a masked man.

"Excellent, this is much quicker than I expected," replied Kor. "What of Shinn?"

"The Airbender will assist him."

"Good, we will need him at his best."

"Yes, Lord."

"When will he be ready?"

"Our ritual is in its early stages. We will not be able to tell."

"It must be soon, our Avatar approaches," replied Kor in a sinister voice.

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