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April 22 2011

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-"How big do you think Azula's forces are anyway?" asked Lee.

-"I'd say pretty big," replied Zuko "When I sent the message that the war was over, several forces did not respond. Also, most of them had to travel a long way back to the capital, so Azula could have rounded them up"

Suddenly, Appa started downward.

-"It's getting late. Let's camp for the night," suggested Aang.

-"Good idea," said Zuko.

-"Are you okay, Aang?" asked Katara as she unrolled her sleeping bag.

-"I'm fine. I just have a funny feeling"

-"It'll probably go away in the morning," she said as she kissed him and headed back to her sleeping bag.

-"Twinkle toes, look out!" cried Toph as she rolled Aang away with an earth slab.

-"Ow, what was that for?" asked Aang in a very annoyed tone.

-"This," said Lee as he picked up an arrow from the pile of leaves Aang was sleeping on. "Fire Nation by the look of it."

-"You mean they found us already?" asked Sokka

-"Yep," answered Lee in a grim tone.

Two more arrows whizzed past Katara and impaled themselves in the ground.

-"Come on, let's split up," said Lee. "They can't catch us all."

Aang and Katara headed to a nearby stream, Sokka, Suki and Toph stayed at the camp with Appa and Momo. Lee, Ty-Lee and Zuko and Mai headed in opposite directions.

-Look out!" said Sokka as several soldiers came into the large clearing. A few of them had relatively normal armour, whereas others had some armour patched together and some had no protection whatsoever.

-"That's Azula's rebellion alright," said Suki.

A soldier with a tattered scimitar came at Sokka. Sokka crossed swords with him and knocked him off balance with a swipe at his feet. A firebender launched a fire ball at Suki, but she grabbed his arm and kicked him square in the face. Toph raised a boulder and launched it at more rebels.

-"How many of these guys are there?" asked Toph. -"A lot" said Sokka. "Let's hope the others are having an easier time then we are" he continued as he knocked another soldier to the ground.

-"Are you sure we should go this far from camp?" asked Ty-Lee.

-"If we want to divide their forces, we have to get as far away from each other as possible," said Lee.

Suddenly, several soldiers and firebenders dropped out of the trees all around them.

-"That's a lot of rebels," said Ty-Lee.

-"Get out of here," said Lee. "Go help Mai and Zuko."


"I'll be fine, just go."

Ty-Lee dodged a fire blast and paralyzed the firebender. Then ran out of the clearing. She ran as fast as she could, sweat pouring down her face. She saw a few trees that were on fire, and assumed it was Zuko's handiwork. Ty-Lee jumped and jabbed at a soldier's shoulders and landed in front of him.

-"Well, look who decided to drop by," said Zuko as he blasted a spear out of a rebel's hand.

-"If they divided their forces, how come so many are attacking us?" asked Ty-Lee.

-"What do you mean?" asked Zuko. "I thought since I'm the Fire Lord, a lot are attacking us."

-"The same number attacked me and Lee" said Ty-Lee. -"There must be more than we thought," said Mai as she toppled a firebender.

-"Hey look, there's a stream," said Aang

-"If we stay close to it we won't run out of water," said Katara.

Suddenly rebels came out of the woods, the trees and bushes. Katara used ice spikes to pin a few of them to the ground and froze more to nearby trees. She drew water from the stream and created a massive wave that crashed into more soldiers, and then she froze a few more into blocks of ice. Aang blocked arrows with air currents and drew all the water out of the trees the archers were in, bursting them. He then used the water to freeze the archers to the ground.

Lee looked around at the countless soldiers surrounding him. One charged at him with a halberd, which Lee broke apart, another launched a fire blast at the teenager, but his hand got encased in an earth wall. Another two lunged at Lee, but he dodged there sword swipes, summersaulted behind them, and kicked them off their feet. Three more ran at him but were repelled by earth slabs. Lee drew two Sais and unarmed a soldier, he used one to pin him to a tree. He moulded his second Sai into a disk shape and threw it at more of the rebels. He created earth domes around the remaining rebels, but more came out of the trees.

-"Give up" said a rebel. "You're outnumbered, you can't win."

-"Are you kidding?" I doubt you can even survive five seconds," said Lee. "Plus you're a poor excuse for an armadillo squirrel."

The rebel lunged at Lee, but immediately tripped in a fissure.

-Well, I guess I was wrong, you can barely survive two seconds," said Lee in a mocking tone.

More and more rebels came at Lee from the front but he raised a melon sized boulder out of the ground, and with a flick of his wrists, sent shards out at incredible speed. The pellets hit a few but sent most of the rebels flying. Suddenly, two more rebels came up behind him, but were jabbed in the sides and fell limp to the ground.

-"Ty-Lee was right, I am getting better," remarked Lee, admiring his handiwork. Then, he started off to find his friends.

-"Sokka, watch it," said Suki as she paralyzed a soldier.

-"Thanks," he said as he hit a firebender with the butt end of his sword.

Toph shifted her feet and opened a small chasm that swallowed several rebels.

-"Hope you loonies have fun down there," cried Toph down the chasm.

-"Nice going Toph," said Sokka "Come on, let's go find the others."

-"Whatever you say, Captain Boomerang."

-"Don't call me that," said Sokka.

-"Sorry, oh wise one."


-"Two down, five to go," said Ty-Lee as two soldiers slumped down on the ground.

-"Make that three," said Mai as she pinned two more to trees.

-"Make that zero," said Zuko as he blasted the remaining rebels in the chest.

-"Let's hope the others are all right. Come on," said Ty-Lee

Aang and Katara were fighting tirelessly against what seemed like an infinite number of rebels. Suddenly, they all withdrew and a man stepped out of the forest. He was in his mid-twenties with slick black hair, two scars running down the right side of his face and relatively pale skin. He was dressed in jet black robes with black boots.

-"Who are you?" asked Aang.

-"My name is Nero," he said. "I have been sent to eliminate you."

-"Have a nice time trying," said the Avatar.

-"Gladly," said Nero.

Nero suddenly shot lighting at the two, which barley missed them.

When the assassin shot another bolt at Aang, The Avatar redirected it into the sky.

-"I see you learned lightning redirection," said Nero "But your still an Air Nomad. Your pacifist ways have made you weak, Avatar. And now, you will pay the price."

Aang braced himself for another lighting attack as Nero charged up, but he suddenly changed directions and the bolt barely missed Katara and struck in front of her, sending her onto the river bank.

-"Nooooo!" Aang shouted. Aang's tattoos glowed momentarily and he unleashed a devastating earth wave, sending rebels to the ground. However, somehow Nero had gotten behind Aang. He jumped in the air, got sucked in the air sphere, and struck Aang in his back scar with his boot. The air sphere dissipated and he and Aang both fell to the ground.

-"Our rebellion has won a great victory today," said Nero, picking himself up.

-"How can you be so sure?" said a voice from the trees.

-"What? Who are you?" asked Nero, a slight hint of fear in his voice. "Show yourself."

-"I'm right here Nero," said Lee, dropping out of the trees. "I watched the whole battle, and to say the least, I'm impressed."

-"I've heard your stories, boy; how you were a bounty hunter, and then allied yourself with the Avatar," said Nero.

-"Well, what really eludes me is why Azula sent you out when she herself could have easily come."

-"Firelord Azula has more important matters to attend to."

-"I guess. But I hope you don't have too much on your hands." With this Lee drew his two Dao swords and launched the blades at Nero. The blades separated into Sai disks but Nero was able to block them. However, one of them hit a fire bender square in the helmet. He then raised several boulders and threw them at the rest of the rebels.

-"Get him!" yelled Nero. Two more rebels dropped out of trees behind Lee but the Metalbender grabbed their ankles in midair and bashed them to the ground. He then bent their blades onto his own handles.

-"I suggest you retreat now," said Lee.

-"I can still beat you," Nero said confidently.

-"I really doubt you can beat us all," said Zuko as he and the rest of the team came out of the bushes.

-"I can defeat an army if I want to," cried Nero.

Suddenly, Appa landed in front of Nero and sent an air wave, throwing him back.

-"Come on," said Zuko as he grabbed Aang.

Sokka grabbed Katara and they all climbed on Appa.

-"You brag you're able to defeat an army Nero, but you can't even stand your ground against a flying bison," Lee said as Appa took off.

Once they were a safe distance away, the Team started to relax.

-"That was close," said Toph.

-"But what about Aang and Katara?" asked Sokka.

-"We need to let them rest before we go to the Southern Water Tribe," said Zuko. "And I know just where - besides we need a vacation."


This chapter was made mainly to show Lee's fighting abilities.

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