By Omashu Rocks Part of the The House of Angkara continuity.
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Fire Nation



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Fire, Whip

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Firebending (primarily)


Iluna Rebels


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Royal Servant


Maid to Kriyel


Iluna Rebels

Amber is a rebellious teenager in The House of Angkara. She uses her position as a royal maid to obtain information on the Angkara Family. While she is always near her enemies, killing them would be impractical due to the several guards in the Royal Palace and attempting a murder would result in the loss of her ability to spy on the family.


Amber is the most practical member of the Iluna Rebels. She is wise and frequently offers harsh advice to her friends. She is also easily the darkest member of the team.


When she and her brother, Hu Li, were young, their father was caught committing high treason agains the Angkara family. The man plead guilty and was executed right in front of his kids'. Zhang Ankgara then decided to execute their mother as well, and the two children watched as she died in battle, fighting for her life so that her kids wouldn't be left alone.

Years later, Amber saved Hu Li's life by offering a life of labor in exchange for his life after he was caught attempting to steal from a local merchant.

At some point in her life, Amber joined the Iluna Rebels. On the group's mission to assassinate Governor Zhang, Amber was knocked unconscious by Angkara Sentries and allowed them to capture Sakura, Komin's sister. She was particularly hard on herself for this.

Later, Amber was the most reluctant to let Shen go without punishment after she was discovered at their hideout. She protested the idea of letting her join the mission to save Komin's sister, but lost the argument. Her particular task on the mission was to let the others into the Angkaras' Palace from the inside, as she was working in the stables. The mission ultimately failed, but Amber was able to resume her duties without running into any trouble. Days later, Kriyel put her through non-stop labor for over a day without break, and Amber prepared to take her master's life as she slept.




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