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"If I can find the Avatar and train her in the ways of Airbending, the elders will have to recognize my skill."
—yeah, okay, good luck with that, you'll need it

Amala is a highly skilled Airbender who believes in the betterment of self through rigorous training and discipline. While her fierce determination in procuring results and meeting challenges head-on is widely recognized by the Council of Elders, she has yet to be granted the rank of master, which frustrates her to no end. The main citation in this move is Amala's lack of spiritual understanding, and as she has little patience for such things, she may take a while longer to be seen as a master.

She's a huge killjoy who needed to be hugged more while growing up.

Early Life

Born from a mixed marriage, Amala had an unorthodox upbringing. Her father, an Airbender who had a similar experience, insisted that she not join the Air Temple unless she wanted to, but her mother said otherwise, saying that it was important for her to have a root in Nomad beliefs and practices. The two eventually decided to end their marriage mutually, and Amala followed her father in his traveling works. But, after a time and much contemplation, her father believed himself to be wrong and sent her to live in the Western Air Temple with his former wife, as well as old friend and head monk, Khan.

Amala believed that her father had sent her to the temple because she was not strong enough to follow him in his more dangerous work, and from that point forward she applied herself to whatever training she could in order to greatly improve her skills. And she did, at a remarkable pace that the elders had rarely seen before, and, even then, only in the accounts of Airbending Avatars and others with a large degree of bending aptitude. Unfortunately, by the time she had acquired the abilities necessary to be allowed out of the temple on her own, her father had died while trying to settle a dispute in the Earth Kingdom. Having failed to meet the objective she had set for all her life, Amala feels she has much to prove to everyone she meets. Because of her unusual circumstances, Amala did not get to choose a sky bison companion and, instead, befriended the unruly Karishma who the Nomads had almost given up in training.

Character & Abilities

Amala is a very disciplined individual and astute professional in all her tasks. However, she is known to be narrow-minded in her efforts and, although she is not explicitly untoward about receiving help from others, her demeanor makes it difficult for others to willingly offer their aid. She will often try to use the most direct means of solving a problem, which is a valid method but not always the one that will bring about the most benefit, and she has been remarked upon as being more like a Firebender in nature than an Airbender. She is also known to make snark remarks about things that she sees as crude or undeserving.

Contrary to the logical conclusion, Amala is on good terms with the other Nomads, and is amicable enough socially; it is her deep-seeded drive to push herself beyond the limits that creates the divides between Amala and others. When a task has been completed, Amala will want to continue working on it, and when it's done she'll want to make things even better the next time around. Her high-strung attitude often puts her at odds with Lon and Ling, who are decidedly less ready to strive for perfection and are unable to relate to Amala's need to do so. Like other Nomads, she holds the Avatar in high regards but has respected the Fire Nation's order to leave this one alone for the time being. However, when Amala hears that the Avatar saw fit to disregard the Nation's wishes, she makes it her goal to train the Avatar in Airbending, a feat that only masters may normally do.

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