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Biographical information



Metal Clan Citizen

Birth place

Eastern Air Temple


Southern Water Tribe




245 AG

Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

All Elements

Fighting style(s)

Wooden Fans


Energy Restoration

Chronological and political information


Amai was born after Korra's quiet death in the Southern Water Tribe, she was born in the Eastern Air Temple to single mother, Chi. Chi was a former citizen of Zaofu, but then fled the city and resided in the Eastern Air Temple as an Acolyte. Once Amai was born, she showed some signs of being the Avatar, but when the Earth Nation was fully occupied by other nations looking for the Avatar, her mother had her hidden from the world. Once she reached the age of 11, she fled from the Air Temple Islands and found herself at a place she should have never been at.

Finding herself on a deserted island in the middle of no where, she found out the she got stuck in the middle of the ocean. While trapped, Avatar Korra visited her and talked to her. Amai had the same doubts about her power and ignored Korra, she wanted to learn on her own about the world.

Amai sailed the oceans on a raft she constructed. Only having the ability to bend earth, she was powerless on the ocean. She traveled for days, only satisfying her needs with coconuts she piled up. In time, she found herself on a swamp by the Earth Kingdom. Korra, being one of her past lives recognized the swamp as the place she met Toph Beifong. Still, Amai ignored Korra and continued inside the swamp. She witnessed some swamp benders moving the vines, and she thought about how could they bend the water within. Korra attempted to talk to her once more, but she refused and screamed. Alarmed by the voice, the swampbenders took immediate actions, but Amai hid herself by earthbending rocks to cover her.

Once the swampbenders were gone, she got up and dusted herself. She walked into the swamp and saw a huge tree. Feeling the power of the tree, Amai was drawn into it and sat down by the tree. Like Toph, Amai felt the world within, she could feel all sorts of places, and in mere seconds, she found her spirit all over the world. Korra sat by her side and told her how she was amazed about how the world was, but Amai ignored her again. Korra, now infuriated asked her what was her problem, Amai quietly told her that she wanted to learn not from philosophy shoved down her by other people, but from what she could see. Korra just told her that she should follow her heart and then disappeared. Amai transferred from the Earth Kingdom to Republic City, then to the Eastern Air Temple, where her mom was looking for her.

Her exploration was then interrupted by a conversation between two swamp people. One was complaining about his job and the other told him how easy his job was considering he was a bender. The bender told him that he was just jealous, and threatened to hurt him. Amai came out of hiding and tried to help, the swamp bender noticed her and commanded the vines to entangle her. Once she was tied up, she was about to enter the Avatar State, but declined the use of it. She didn't want any knowledge. Unable to access any power, Amai struggled for the last time and broke free, having no access rather than earth bending, she was beaten by the swamp bender. Upon the brink of being knocked out, she blasted a green beam and the man was stripped of a green essence. Now at her palms was a green energy, the other swamp man tried to run, but Amai redirected the ball towards him and he glowed with a light green aura.

She thought that what she did was wrong, and tried to help the man. The man stood up and told her he felt fine. The swamp bender stood up and then tried to bend the vines near him, but couldn't. He thought his bending was gone, but bended water once Amai tried to hit him with a boulder. The other man was confused upon hearing this, and accidentally tripped but before landing on the ground, he was comforted by vines and plants. He thought he became a water bender and was overjoyed. But when he tried to bend water, he failed. He then bended the vines again, and it worked. Amai was astounded.

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