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Chapter 1 Always the birthday

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Chapter 1 Always the birthdays

"Hey Tani guess what today is!"

"It's not a big deal Tai, this one is no different than the last sixteen"

"This one is different"


"Today the Fire Sages reveal the Avatar, and me and you have seats right up front!"

"You've just always wanted to see the Avatar. Anyway I need to get my homework done I'm still almost failing world history!"

"If I help you get it done will you go."

"Fine, if you so insist."

Suddenly shouts begin to ring out, from near Tani's house. "Wait here I'll check it out" A moment later Tai runs back around the corner with a grave look on his face. "There is a Fire Sage at your door, and that's not normally a good thing." The last time a Fire sage had been to their village it had been to announce the death of General Iroh of the United Forces. "This can't be good I mean your uncle is an admiral do you think..." Tai's voice trailed off.

"No uncle Zuko can't be dead he can't." Comfortingly Tai rapped his arm gently around her. "Let's go find out."

"Okay" Tani replies, holding back tears. "Let's go find out" Suddenly Tani's grandfather Mushi leans his head out the window with the biggest grin on his face. "Come on, come on get over here this is exciting!" Mushi impatiently yells at the pair. "Well it must not be bad if grandpa is excited over it." Tani says sounding very relieved.

"Yeah but what is it? It still doesn't explain the Fire Sage!" With a graceful movement she shakes of Tai's arm and begins running home. "Tani " her father calls. "We need to talk to you. Tai you wouldn't mind staying outside for a moment, this is rather important."

"Yes sir."

"Thank you Tai, this should only take a minute." Then Tani's mother closed the door, and her father the blinds.

The Fire sage commanded, but in a gentle voice "Ms. Huoyan, this should only take a moment please step into this room." Seeing as the young girl was shaking with fear the man continued "It is only a simple test, I just want you to choose the most familiar item from a set of ten objects. You've done nothing wrong, at all."

"Okay, I'm sorry for appearing so afraid."

"It is okay, there is no harm in fear." The sage winked as he closed the door behind them. The ten objects were all very strange to Tani, all except for one, it was a small necklace made of green beads with a black stone circle hanging at the bottom. Tani pondered for a moment where she had seen it. Not at school, she would have remembered a necklace like that. In fact, she could not think of anywhere she had seen it, but it was familiar in someway so she gave it to the sage.

"Astonishing," the sage muttered. "Simply, astonishing. Hmmm, yes. Where have you seen that necklace before now."

"I'm not sure sir."

"Good very good. Well, I hear you are a very good fire bender, am I wrong."

"No sir you are correct."

"Uhgg, can you please stop with the formalities can you just call me Rae?"

"Okay, and yes supposedly I'm the best in the fire school I go to."

"Well then, you best be learning the other three!"

"What are you talking about only the... I'm the Avatar aren't I." Half a grin, and half a frow began to creep onto her face. "How do you know?"

"Nine of those objects are random bits of Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, and Air Nomad objects that were created in the past five years, you would have never seen them. On the other hand, this necklace was worn by Avatar Brek from when he was twenty-six to his death, and only his reincarnation would recognize it."

"What will I do now then, do I have to leave my friends and family."

"Your family yes, but your friends will go with you. For now though you must come with me, to the palace and the temple."

"Why are we going to the temple?"

"In time you will see young one. We must go know."

Later that evening

After waiting two hours for Tani to come out and tell him what happened, Tai decided to go home, after all he wasn't going to miss the announcing of the Avatar for anything. He dressed in his best clothes and in ten minutes he was of to the royal square where the announcement would take place. He got to his seats and put his coat on the chair next to him, just incase Tani decided to show. But Tani didn't show up, and the ceremony began. A large circle of Fire Sages began to move out of the palace, in front was the man who was at Tani's door when they got to her house from school. Then the man from earlier began to speak, "All hail Avatar Tani!" Tai let out a little gasp, so that's why she never came out, she was brought here. Then the circle of sages turned to face her and knelt, the rest of the crowd, including the Fire Lord followed in suit. "It's always the birthdays isn't it." mutters Tai. "Its always gotta be her birthday."

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