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Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe




406 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Light brown

Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)





Galen father, Pakoa mother


Galen, Pakoa, Sedgley, Dover, Erik, Anurna, Miko

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First appearance

Chapter 4: The Northern Healers

Althea is one of the titular Northern healers of Chapter 4, and left the Northern Water Tribe with her parents to travel the world.


Early Life

It is unknown why or when Althea and her parents left the Northern Water Tribe, however Pakoa expressed that she doesn't want to tell the city's story when she meets the boys, indicating that their leaving may have something to do with the state of the city.

Meeting Team Avatar

In 421 AG, near Gao Lin Falls, Althea and her family were almost attacked by Anurna and her friends. When her father revealed they were also waterbenders like Dover and Sedgley, they shared the campsite by the river. After enlightening the boys somewhat on their Water Tribe heritage, Althea healed Sedgley's cut that he got from washing the dishes. Sedgley was excited by the waterbending technique and, the following day, she taught it to Sedgley - who, surprisingly to her, picked it up quite fast. After Anurna's fight with Erik, she helped the others tie down and protect their belongings from the freak blizzard. When their tents blew away and they were about to freeze to death, she, under Anurna's commands, helped keep them warm and dry until the blizzard died down. The following day, her new friends left her and her family at Gao Lin Falls to head to Chan Dai.


Althea is a sweet girl who makes lighthearted humor and is generally nice at all times. She is a bit of a jokester - tricking Sedgley into believing she might die from bloodloss from a few minor cuts so he would focus on his healing training. Despite these attributes, Althea can be quite serious, especially when it comes to her heritage. She often recites facts about her culture as if they were memorised and enjoys teaching people about her peoples' ways of life. She likes to teach and learn more about her culture, jumping at the opportunity to learn healing when she discovered she was able to.



Althea's bending abilities were not highly delved into in the chapter. She used waterbending to aid her in washing the dishes, and to purposefully cut herself in the arm with shards of ice whilst training Sedgley. She did display talent for her age when, as Anurna tried to light logs on fire to keep warm, she stopped rain drops and snow from landing on them. She also seems unfazed by cold water, which may help her in fighting in her native, polar environments.


Although her fighting prowess wasn't revealed, Althea was a proficient healer, able to heal Sedgley's cut in mere seconds. She was also able to teach Sedgley healing in just one day which, though commendable to him, is also reminiscent of her capability and understanding of the technique.


  • 'Althea' literally means 'the healer.'
  • As noticed by Dover, she wears a locket with rabbit symbols on it. In Buddhism, Buddha, disguised as a rabbit, sacrificed himself to a great god to gain eternal life as the moon. In Mayan culture, the phases of the moon are related to the action of a jumping rabbit. In these ways, the rabbits on her locket may have some connotations to the moon and the way waterbenders learnt from it.

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