By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe and Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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The Village of Spirits

Althea is a young friendly Mummy like girl that appears during Kyoushiro and Raven's time alone. She is a shy girl and often is more watcher than a talker, no matter what the case maybe.

Not many people are sure if she's really a spirit or a zombie of a sort, but either way, according to the spirits, she's supposed to be dead. She lived a nice life for a start, but one fateful day she disapproved her parents and got stabbed in the right eye with a large pen, seemingly killing her. Her parents wrapped her up and dumped her body in the wild and she remained that way until Henki found and restored her to the best of her abilities. She can now breathe, walk, eat and talk but she still remained wrapped in the sheets of what was thought to be her death bed.

Althea's death

Althea losing her eye

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

Though not officially, Althea first appears after Raven and Kyoushiro were done talking about their own abusive fathers. She says both of their shortened names, Rae and Kyou, but assumed shied out and didn't say another word.

She makes an official appearance after Henki and Kyoushiro meet. She tries to apologize for freaking Kyoushiro out. She however gets a bit confused upon Kyoushiro's Mummy comment, showing Mummies aren't known. She remained quiet for a while until Kyoushiro gave a description of a Diclonius, which scares her deeply. She goes in explaining alongside Henki the dangers of a Diclonius, which sends the white dog running to save Raven.

Despite that though, she goes to Kyoushiro anyway and meets Mel. She pleads with Kyoushiro not to go and kept watch over them throughout the night. But she ends up falling asleep, giving the Kishu the chance to go look for Raven again.

She remains quiet for a while as Lucy was explaining herself and doesn't show until Kyoushiro, Raven and Mel agree to go with Lucy and Nyuu to the starlight fighting championship. She and Henki spoke privately and she got worried over when they will all meet.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 3

Althea didn't appear until much later, when the SCP foundation found her and brought her in as another test subject. Since they were booked she had to share the torture with Aang. She was very scared and didn't let go of Aang until the test was over.

When that was finished, she and Aang spoke for a while. During this, she tells him about Xreneus's death, obviously mourning and sad over it. She wasn't sure on what to do until they were released. Althea helped in the escape. As slenderman cut their path, she actually destroyed the newly made wall to get to the next destination.

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