Avatar: Alternum
The journey begins again.
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Alternum is a fanon re-telling of the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender but set in a more modern setting. It was created by Lilsniffs109 and is currently in pre-production. It follows the story of an alternate Aang journeying to stop the dictative rule of the Fire Nation. In this fanon, Aang has just been sent to a high school in the Southern Water Tribe called the Kuruk High School.


Aang is sent off to the Southern Water Tribe after getting into a scuffle against a bully in the Southern Air Temple. Upon arrival at the Kuruk High School, fellow students laugh at him due to his bizarre way of life. When Aang is seen eating alone during lunch, Katara befriends him. Katara's older brother and popular jock, Sokka, is one of the people who bullies Aang. Upon being bullied too much by Sokka, Aang taps into the Avatar State, making the school realize who he is. Information of Aang being the Avatar leaks onto the internet, and Crown Prince Zuko, recently banished from the Fire Nation, starts to hunt down Aang. Upon a Fire Nation raid on the Southern Water Tribe, Zuko attempts to kidnap Aang. Sokka, changing his ways, attacks Zuko. Katara then reveals her Waterbending abilities by freezing Zuko. Upon realizing his destiny, Aang, Katara, and Sokka leave the Southern Water Tribe to help Aang master all four elements and defeat the Fire Lord.


Aang- A fun-loving 12-year-old Air Nomad Avatar. His legal guardian, Mr. Gyatso, angry at Aang for violating the Air Nomad's pacifist ways, sent him to the Southern Water Tribe after he gets into a fight with a bully. He is picked on at Kuruk High School for his Air Nomad way-of-life. Aang develops a crush on his first friend at Kuruk High, Katara. Aang learns he is the Avatar when he goes into the Avatar State after Sokka bullies him too much. He later leaves for his journey after learning the Fire Nation is after him. His main weapon is a nunchuk that turns into a staff and glider using Airbending.

Katara- A 13-year-old Waterbending girl from the Southern Water Tribe. Her personality is a combination of the canon Katara and the canon Ember Island Players' actor Aang. She is Aang's first friend and crush, but she thinks of him more as a little brother. She despises her older brother Sokka. She is also the only Waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe.

Sokka- Katara's 14-year-old iceball champion. He is a bully at Kuruk High School and bullies Aang. Upon leaving the South Pole, he becomes the group's unofficial cook. He also carries random items around, like a solar-powered miniature grill, boomerang, Ice Ball club, and surfboard.

Zuko- Banished Crown Prince of the Fire Nation. He is traveling the world searching for Aang, when the Avatar is revealed to the world. He carries around a semi-automatic firegun and dual swords. His most-trusted ally is his uncle, General Iroh. He is one of the primary antagonists for Book 1 and 2.

Zhao- Commander of a Fire Nation attack force. He will do anything to get good in the eyes of the Firelord. He is trying to hunt down Aang and Zuko. He is the main antagonist of Book 1.

Iroh- General of a small group of Fire Nation soldiers. He is Zuko and Azula's uncle, and Firelord Ozai's brother. He loves tea and watches over Zuko.

Ozai- Firelord. He plans on using Sozin's Comet to take over the world. He is the greatest Firebender and dictates the Fire Nation and some colonies in the Earth Kingdom. He is the main antagonist of the entire series.


Book One: Water

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